Macbeth part 1

3 predictions from witches to Macbeth -thane of Glamis (already is, already had title when play started)-Thane of Cawdor -Macbeth will become king
witches help reveal Macbeth’s tragic flaw
3 predictions witches tell Banquo use paradoxes -he will be lesser yet greater-not so happy, yet happier-He’s gonna be the father of kings even though he’s not gonna be a king (but his children will be-mysterious)
paradox a seeming contradiction that is true
metonymy when one object represents another (like the flag of Norway represents the country-scene 2), crown represents the king
Macbeth-“why do you dress me in borrowed robes?” he’s saying “why are you calling me thane of cawdor when the thane of cawdor isn’t dead?”-they tell them that King Duncan has already ordered the thane of Cawdor to be killed because he was a trader, robes represent thane of cawdor
fair is foul and foul is fair -what looks good is really bad and what is looks bad is -actually good-major theme introduced by witches-things are not as they seem
scene one atmosphere ominous, thunder, lightning, eerie
Exposition -in Scotland-Scotland won war-later we learn they’ve been fighting a battle with Norway-Macbeth is a general, Banquo fought and both were valiant in the battle -thunder/lightning, eerie tone -3 old witches introduced, decide that one day Macbeth will be king, Shakespeare is creating atmosphere
prose anything that isn’t poetry
King Duncan just named Malcolm heir to throne-broke 2 laws doing that -Malcolm is a minor-Law of Tanistry-the king’s son cannot be named the direct heir: king’s throne had to go to the next male relative then it would come back to the king’s son then it would go back to the next male relative and the pattern continued–law for only about 200 years, happened to be law during this time
blank verse -unrhymed iambic pentameter-letter to Lady Macbeth is in prose (without rhyme), wrote quickly and sent ahead to lady Macbeth to let her know about prophecies and that the king is comingher reaction is that she is going to be queen
dramatic irony the audience knows something only one character knows -King says what a wonderful place to be-but we know the hostess is planning his murder -King calls her a fair and noble hostess but really she is planning his murder
Reasons he doesn’t want to kill Duncan -I am his kinsman (line 13)-they are cousins -I am his subject – he is the subject of the king, he should be loyal to him -He is his host – law of hospitality, said that if you were the host you had to give your own life to protect anyone who is a guest at your home -he just honored him, he just gave Macbeth the title of the Thane of Cawdor
End of speech-gives one reason for killing Duncan his ambition-Macbeth’s tragic flaw metaphor to express how he has too much ambition-someone trying to get on his horse, when a person tries to get on horse, they jump all the way over and land on the other side
Lady Macbeth tries to shame him into killing Duncan She says if you are a man you will kill him but if you aren’t you are a coward-puts his manhood in question, this is how she tries to get him to do it, Macbeth says “what if we fail?”, she says if you weren’t such a coward we wouldn’t fail, she is determined, he is hesitant
Lady Macbeth’s plan to kill King Duncan -she says they’ll kill them in his sleep, she’ll get them drunk at dinner and pass out and they’ll never know they did anything-take their daggers, stab him to death, smear the blood all over the guards, put daggers back into guards’ hands -she will blame it on the guards and no one will know
Macbeth is thinking about becoming king quickly, but then says there’s no way he can do it, he can’t kill Duncan -this is exactly what Lady Macbeth predicted-she is far more ruthless at the end of the story
Thane of Cawdor king Duncan says he fooled him and he believed and trusted him and he fooled him, he was a trader, decides to take away the thane of Cawdor title and give it to Macbeth
4 reasons-Macbeth comes into the scene very much questioning if he should kill or not -kinsman-cousin-subject-he should honor him because he’s the thane of cawdor and it’s his job-host – law of tanistry – give up own life to protect-He says King Duncan has just awarded him so why would he kill him
pathetic fallacy -things taking place in nature, nature in sympathy with what is happening-owl is screeching
Reason lady macbeth couldn’t kill Duncan he looked like her father sleeping
1st thing that upsets Macbeth after killing Duncan when they were saying God bless and amen, Macbeth couldn’t say amen because he just killed Duncan and he can’t expect a blessing (dramatic irony)
Metaphors for sleep 1. Sleep that knits up the raveled sleave of care -as if the cares of the day are being compared to the sleeves of a sweater that has unraveled and sleep reknits that raveled sleeve of care2. the death of each day’s life-sleep is the death of each day’s life3. sore labor’s bath – when you are sore after working hard a hot bath is soothing, thus when you are tired sleep soothes your tired self 4. balm of hurt minds – a balm is something that is soothing, like a soothing ointment for the mind5. Great natures second course – the chief course is water and food, the second course is rest
Lady Macbeth says she will cover the guards faces with blood Both reacted differently (Macbeth and Lady Macbeth -Shakespeare uses hyperbole (exaggeration for effect) -he says “will all great Neptune’s ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? no, this my hand will make the seas red”-she says-a little water clears us of this deed-go wash the blood off your hands and it’ll all be over, no one will ever know
Porter is drunk -imagines he’s keeper of the gates of hell but really he’s just letting people in who are knocking at the gate to come awaken the king because Macbeth and Lady Macbeth told them the king was leaving the next morning (not in blank verse because he’s a servant and he’s drunk-making light of things)-ironic
the reason they come inside the castle waking the king and getting him on his way
horror one word describes his reaction to the murder of the king
Porter’s speech was not blank verse it was prose, fitting because he’s a servants and he’s drunk
Donalbain and Malcolm are thinking that they should get out because they are the next ones, the closest relatives and may be the next to be killed-afraid for their lives, suspicious of others, maybe even of Macbeth
Donalbain is going to Ireland
Malcolm is going to England
Duncan’s horses who were the finest in all the land have eaten each other-gone wild–this is Pathetic fallacy- represent Macbeth killing Duncan
Macbeth has gone to Scone (village in Scotland) to be crowned king–Macduff…` -is not going to the crowning-Macduff says-“lest our old robes sit easier than our new”-Duncan was a better king than Macbeth
what takes Macbeth down the path of destruction overconfidence
Macbeth is afraid because.. -Banquo dead-Fleance fled -alliteration-Shakespeare says his fit came again-panic

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