Macbeth: Pale Hecate’s Offerings

Hear not my steps Continues the apostrophe
thy very tones continues the apostrophe (once more)
thy very stones…take the present horror from the time metaphor: the noise gives away his sneaky intentions
the one halfworld one hemisphere
Nature seems dead Metaphor: it is dark
wicked dreams abuse Dreams are like evil people who attack sleep: personification
The curtain’d sleep Sleep is a person: personification; also she is “curtain’d”, which could refer to her eyelids (metaphor) or the curtains around her bed (metaphor).
witchcraft celebrates Witchcraft is a person who is happy about Hecate’s gifts (personification)
Pale Hecate’s offerings Allusion to the Greek goddess of witchcraft; her gifts are the evil things going on (metaphor).
wither’d murder Murder is like an old man (personification)
Alarum’d by his sentinel, the wolf Murder is alerted by a wolf (extended personification)
Whose howl’s his watch Again, continues the extended personification. Also: a wolf’s howl could be heard.
his stealthy pace Murder’s stealthy pace – again, extended personification.
With Tarquin’s ravishing strides Allusion to Roman history
towards…moves like… Ends the extended personification; also simile (like a ghost).
Thou…earth Apostrophe: addresses Earth.