Macbeth packet review for test 10/ 11

The globe theater is famous because it is associated with William Shakespeare
The stage at the Globe was designed to bring the audience close to the action
The Renaissance audiences understood that plays were forms of make belief
The structure of an Elizabethan theater allowed for action at different stage levels
The average Renaissance actor was skilled in many areas
The tiring house contained machinery and dressing rooms
Renaissance theaters were notable for there elaborate costumes, music and props
Act and scene divisions in Renaissance plays were later adaptions
Through performance in indoor halls, theater became an all year round activity
True/False: Macbeth has just defended King Duncan in a war True
True/False: The title of Thane of Cawdor was given to Macbeth true
True/False: Banquo notices Macbeth’s uneasy reaction to the witches’ prophecies true
True/False: The witches’ first prediction for Macbeth comes true true
True/False: Duncan is undecided about who his heir should be false
True/False: Lady Macbeth wants to discourage her husband’s ambition false
True/False: As he enters Macbeth’s castle, Duncan feels a foreboding of evil false
True/False: At first, Macbeth hesitates to murder the king true
True/False: Macbeth refuses to listen to his wife’s promptings false
True/False: Lady Macbeth carefully plots Duncan’s murder true
The witch’s tale of the sailor indicates that the weird sisters are____ malicious
The irony in Macbeth’s new title, Thane of Cawdor, is that ____ Cawdor betrayed Duncan
The “horrible imaginings’ that Macbeth fears more than reality are of ____ the crimes he may have to commit
Lady Macbeth prays that she be “unsexed” so that ____ all humane, motherly instincts will leave her
In his soliloquy in Scene 7 of act 1, Macbeth foresees that ____ Duncan’s murder will lead to retribution
True/False: Banquo has forgotten about the witches’ prophecies false
True/False: Macbeth feels that murdering Duncan would be an act of wickedness true
True/False: Lady Macbeth drugs Duncan’s guards into a deep sleep true
True/False: Macbeth foresees his wife to commit the murder false
True/False: Macbeth smears the servants with Duncan’s blood false
True/False: Macduff and Lennox arrive to awaken the king true
True/False: Macbeth says that he has killed Duncan’s servants to avenge the King’s murder true
True/False: Malcolm and Donalbain leave hastily because they want to find evidence that will incriminate Macbeth false
True/False: Ross and Macduff suspect Duncan’s sons of plotting the murder true
True/False: Macbeth’s installation as king is delayed indefinately false
The dagger that Macbeth sees in his scene 1 soliloquy of act 2 ____ is part of a hallucination
Lady Macbeth hesitates to kill the sleeping king because ___ he reminds her of her own father
After the king’s murder, Macbeth reveals ____ great agitation and fear
In this scene, natural events are reported that are ___ omens of evil
Banquo wants to meet with the other nobles in order to ___ discover the purpose of the murder
True/False: Banquo refuses Macbeth’s invitation to dinner false
True/False: Macbeth hires two men to kill Banquo and Fleance true
True/False: Banquo’s son manages to escape true
True/False: Before the dinner, Macbeth looks confidently toward the future false
True/False: Banquo’s ghost sits in Macbeth’s place at the table true
True/False: All the guests see the ghostly figure false
True/ False: Lady Macbeth explains that her husband’s wild words are caused by his guilt false
True/False: Macbeth is relieved that Macduff has failed to appear false
True/False: Hecate and the weird sisters plan another meeting with Macbeth true
True/False: Macduff has left to aid one of Duncan’s sons in a rebellion against Macbeth true
As he considers Macbeth’s kingship, Banquo feels ____ glimmers of hope for his own future
Macbeth wants Banquo dead so that ____ his crime will not benefit Banquo’s children
In saying “what’s done is done”, Lady Macbeth suggests that she and Macbeth should ____ accept the finality of their deed
In his response to his wife, Macbeth demonstrates ____ a drive towards further evil
Macbeth is seized by a “fit” when __ he learns that Fleance is still alive
Macbeth describes the ghost at dinner as ____ covered with blood
Lady Macbeth tries to bring Macbeth to his senses by _____ scolding him
Macbeth hints to his wife that _____ he must kill again
Hecate intends to punish Macbeth for his ____ overconfidence
At the beginning of scene 6 in act 3, Lennox speaks of Macbeth’s sorrow and nobility in a tone that is ____ sarcastic
What does Macbeth compare the murders to? Dogs
What does a mind full of scorpions indicate about Macbeth’s mental state He is being took over by guilt
What happens to nature as darkness begins to fall The good things of day have gone and evil takes over
What does Macbeth refer to as a Serpent? who is a worm. Serpent- Banquo Worm – Fleance
How does Macbeth describe his own state of mind? A summer cloud that moves in front of the sun
True/False: Macbeth does not want to hear the predictions of the witches false
True/False: The first apparition tells Macbeth not to fear Macduff false
True/ False: The second and third prophecies provide unimportant information false
True/False: Macbeth orders the Thane of Fife’s wife and children murdered true
True/False: The King of England has allied himself with Duncan’s son true
True/False: Macduff joins Malcolm in order to spy on him false
True/False: Malcolm describes in detail the character traits of a bad king true
True/False: Malcolm is finally convinced that Macduff has Scotland’s interests at heart true
True/False: Macduff accepts calmly the news about his family false
True/False: Malcolm is about to take revenge upon Macbeth true
The witch’s words, “something wicked this way comes” refers to ____ Macbeth
Lady Macduff dies believing that her husband is ____ a traitor
Macbeth lashes out at Macduff’s family to assure that ______ no descendant of Macduff will claim the crown
Malcolm pretends that he is too evil to become king in order to _____ ascertain Macduff’s loyalty
Ross hesitates to report the slaying of Macduff’s wife and children because ____ the message is too painful to relate
What titles do the witches predict for Macbeth Thane of cawdor King
Who opens the play The three witches
What do the witches predict for banquo? His sons will be kings
Who does Duncan name as his successor? Malcolm
When we first met Lady Macbeth what is she doing? Reading a letter from Macbeth
What does Lady Macbeth complain that Macbeth lacks He lacks the ability to be evil
What does she plan to do when Duncan plans to visit Kill him
In the final scene of scene one what conflict do lady Macbeth and Macbeth have? if they should kill Duncan
Who is more ambisious- Lady Macbeth or Macbeth Lady Macbeth
How does Duncan die? Macbeth kills him with a dagger
Why doesn’t lady Macbeth kill Duncan? He reminds her of her father
Who smears the blood on the servants? Lady Macbeth
What two young men flee the castle in fear? Malcolm and Donalbain
Why is Macbeth so determined to get Fleance killed? He is scared he will take his spot as king.
What does Macbeth see at the Banquet? Banquo’s ghost
What are Macduff and Malcolm doing? There building an army
The witches say something wicked which comes.. who is it referring to ? Macbeth
The second apperation says Macbeth cant be harmed by what? A person not born from a women
Lady Macduff and her children are murdered by who? Macbeth hired murderers
True/ false: Lady Macbeth walks in her sleep and rubs her hands as she is washing them true
When Macbeth hears of the invading solders he trys to escape false
when he hears of Lady Macbeth death Macbeth reveals his hatred false
When he hears that Birnam wood is moving towards he suspects the withes tricked him true
True/ false: Lady Macbeth’s sleepwalking is caused by her guilty pleasure. true
True/ false: Macbeth chooses to fight macduff to the death True
Mac duff hails Malcolm of King of Scotland True
Where did Duncan sons fled England
What happens to Macbeth at the end of the play? His head gets cut off
What does Macbeth see floating in front of him before he kills Duncan a dagger
Dominant theme in Macbeth they all want power
What is the dominant number? 3
True/ false: In her sleep, Lady Macbeth imagines that she is speaking to her doctor. false
True/ false: Macbeth’s enemies gather near Birman Wood. true
True/ false: Macbeth gives up all the thoughts of victory. false
True/ false: Malcolms troops use tree boughs for camouflage as they move forward. true
True/ false: Macbeth is supported by a large army of faithful followers false
True/ false:Lady Macbeth is killed by Malcolm allies false
True/ false: Macbeth sees the prophecy about Birnam wood come true. true
True/ false: Macbeth is captured and taken to Malcolm. false
True/ false: Macduff fulfills the witches final prophecy as he reveals that he was ” from his mothers womb ultimate ripp’d” true
Lady Macbeth attendant hesitates to report lady Macbeth’s words as she sleep walks because they are what? incriminating
The ” damned spot” to which lady Macbeth refers is Duncan’s bloodstain
Lady macbeth’s behavior reveals that she Has cracked under emotional pressure
Angus and the other nobles know that Macbeth is out of control
Macbeth confides to seyton his regret that he will never know the joy of old age
When Macbeth hears Lady Macbeth’s attendants cry out, he remembers that he once was able to fell fear
Macbeth’s reaction to Lady Macbeth’s death is one of joyful relief
The messenger brings Macbeth news of the approaching troops that fulfills the witches prophecy
Unless he himself kills Macbeth, Macduff is sure that his family’s ghost will always haunt him
Macbeth finally realizes that the witches and apparitions deceived him with ambitious messages