Macbeth Notes

What is a theme? The central message and it comes from the author
What is a motif? A recurring symbol, idea or image that contributes to the development of the theme
What does “reinforcement” mean? It’s a theme/symbol
What are 2 symbols in Macbeth? Blood and weather
What does the symbol blood represent? Guilt
What does the symbol weather represent? Disruption of the natural order of things
What are 5 motifs in Macbeth? Supernatural, violence, time, borrowed clothes, disorder
What are the 6 themes in Macbeth? Fate vs. Free willAmbition and PowerGender rolesEquivocation Appearance vs. Reality Duality of man
What is equivocation? Concealing the truth
What quote goes with the theme of appearance vs. reality? “Fair is foul and foul is fair.”
What does duality mean? Capacity for good and evil
What 2 themes go together? Equivocation and Appearance vs. Reality
When was Macbeth written? During Jacobean England
Who was the king during Jacobean England? James (1603-1625)
What did James believe? Ghosts, seance
Who is Lady Macbeth? Macbeth’s wife
Who is Banquo? A loyal friend of Macbeth
Who is Fleance? Banquo’s son
Who is Hecate? The ruler of the 3 witches
What do the 3 witches do? Predict the future of Macbeth and Banquo
Who is Duncan? The King (at the beginning of the play), cousin of Macbeth
Who does Macbeth murder and Lady Macbeth aids the murder? Duncan
Who are Malcolm and Donalbain? The sons of Duncan
Who are Lennox, Menteith, Angus and Caithness? Nobles of Duncan – Lennox is a information giver
Who is the Porter? The gatekeeper for Macbeth
Who is Ross? Cousin of Macduff, Thane
Who is the Old Siward? The ally of Macduff
Who is the Young Siward? The Old Siward’s son
Who is Macduff? The suspect of murder to Macbeth
Who is Macbeth? The Thane of Glamis, will become Thane of Cawdor and the King
Who is the sergeant? Information giver on what happens in the first scene
Who is Banquo related to? King James
Who is Sweno? King of Norway
What is a thane? Chief, duke, title of royalty
What are characteristics of Banquo? Equally as brave as Macbeth, fought side by side to Macdonwald and Sweno
What’s an aside? Stage direction and a character speaks his/her thought but no one else can hear them except the audience
What is a prophecy? Foretelling of the future
What does the them of Fate vs. Free Will do? Establishes Macbeth’s conflict
What are characteristics of the 3 witches? Up to no good, manipulate peoples lives, able to things that aren’t normal, conjured a charm
What doe the 3 witches call themselves? The weird sisters
What is the 1st set of prophecies? Telling Macbeth that he will be the Thane of Cawdor and King hereafter
What are Ross and Angus both? Thanes of Scotland and loyal to King Duncan
Why does Macbeth become the Thane of Cawdor? Because Macbeth doesn’t know that the Thane of Cawdor will die
What theme is when ‘the devil (witches) make evil look good’? Theme of Equivocation
Why does Macbeth know the prophecy is good but is thinking bad? He’s thinking of killing Duncan so he can be the King
What advantage does Macbeth have by being cousins with Duncan? He has a legitmate claim to the throne
Who is the older son of Duncans? Malcolm
Why was the original Thane of Cawdor executed? He was a traitor
What does Lady Macbeth do to Macbeth to make herself a manipulator? She is pushing him to kill Duncan, she is deciding the factor
Why are Lady Macbeth and Macbeth’s minds alike? They both think about killing Duncan
What do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth not have? Kids
What does Lady Macbeth fear of Macbeth? That Macbeth doesn’t have the evil to kill
Why is the natural order of things messed up? Because of the 3 witches
What does Lady Macbeth do when she knows Duncan is coming to her castle to stay the night? Makes a prayer to the devil, she needs the power of darkness and doesn’t want light
What is a monologue? A speech given by 1 character to the audience
What is a soliloquy? A speech given by 1 character to him/herself (plus the audience), “thinking aloud”
What is Invernes? Macbeth’s castle
What are characteristics of Duncan? Gullible, happy
What is dramatic irony? Audience sees something that the characters don’t
What are some motifs in Macbeth? Bird (theme of equivocation), child (Macbeth is barren), weather, sons being killed
What does Macbeth’s 1st soliloquy express? Doubt about killing Duncan
What does Macbeth’s 1st soliloquy (first part and last part) express? The first part he is still himself and the last part justifies the means
What will happen if people find out Duncan is dead? They will be upset because he is so good
How does Lady Macbeth convince Macbeth to kill Duncan? She tells him that if he was a real man he will kill Duncan
How does the theme Gender Reversal come in? Lady Macbeth is a strong female character
What does Lady Macbeth do to the guards so Macbeth can kill Duncan? Gets them drunk
What will everyone blame the guards for? Getting drunk and killing the King
‘Pretending to be innocent but be evil inside’ is what theme? Equivocation
What does Macbeth’s 2nd soliloquy talk about? The hallucination of the dagger pointing towards Duncan’s room
What is Macbeth having a hallucination of? A dagger
What theme is the hallucination? Allusion vs. Reality
What does macabre mean? Gruesome images of death
What else does Macbeth talk about (have images of) in his 2nd soliloquy, besides the dagger? A wolf, witchcraft and murder/horror
Who is Tarquin? A roman soldier
What has Macbeth murdered? Sleep
What theme occurs when Macbeth kills Duncan? Disturbance of the natural order of things
What does the ‘owl’ represent? Macbeth (awake at night, killing)
What does guilt do? Deterioates a person
When Macbeth kills Duncan what does he not have enough of? Water to clean the blood off of his hands because of all of the guilt
What does Macbeth and Lady Macbeth do when somebody knocks at the main door? Pretend like they are sleeping
What is comic relief? Appeals to groundling, softens the gruesomeness and contrasts with the gore of regicide
Who does the porter (doorman) say the knocking at the door can be in his soliloquy? An equivocator, tailor, farmer
What does the porter compare Macbeth’s castle to? Hell
What is a protagonist? Good guy
What is a antagonist? Bad guy
What is a foil? A character whose qualities highlight another character
How does foil come in with Macduff and Macbeth? Macduff’s goodness is going to make Macbeth more evil and vice versa
What is the motif of weather? When the outside world reflects what happened inside the castle
What are example of the motif of weather? Owl, earthquake, screams of death – this all happens when someone dies
Why do Malcom and Donalbain want to leave? They think the suspicion of their father’s murder will fall of them
Who is the first to suspect something about Macbeth being connected to the murder of Duncan? Banquo
Where does Malcolm flee to? England
Where does Donalbain flee to? Ireland
Who represents the falcon? Duncan
How had nature flip flopped? Skies reflect chaos of castle (dark when supposed to be light), horses go crazy (eat each other) and owl kills falcon
What does everyone think Malcom and Donalbain did? Paid the guards to kill their father
Why is Macbeth jealous of Banquo? His royalty, reigns and bravery
What does Macbeth do to Banquo? Hires men to kill him
What does Macbeth see at the banquet he has at his castle? Sees Banquo’s ghost and all the blood on him
How is Banquo a moral pillar? He’s an example of how Macbeth should have reacted to the witches
What happens after Banquo’s death that gets Macbeth mad? Only Banquo was killed and his son (Fleance) wasn’t
What scares Macbeth? Nothing except a ghost
What is Macbeth no longer? Sane or brave, he’s now dangerous
What is going to be Macbeth’s downfall? His overconfidence
Why does Macduff go to England? To get Malcolm, to get Macbeth’s throne and to start a rebellion/get help from the English king
Who does everyone think killed Banquo? Fleance
What made Macduff disgrace Macbeth? Not going to his banquet
What does Macbeth know about Macduff? That he went to England to plan war
How do the witches manipulate Macbeth? They create a spell and make him see 4 apparitions
Who says “double, double toil and trouble”? The witches
What are the 4 apparitions? Beware Macduff, you can’t be harmed by anyone, you will never be defeated until the forest picks itself up and walks to your castle, Banquos family is infinite
What does Macbeth see in the 4th apparition? 8 kings, a mirror and Banquos ghost
What is Macduff? Thane of Fife
Why is Ross afraid to be caught at Macduff’s castle? It’s bad to be with the king’s enemies
Who, out of Macduff’s family is killed? His wife and kids
Who’s King Edward? King of England
What happens during Lady Macbeth’s sleep walking scene? Relives everything that happened with Macbeth (what she told him to do the night Duncan was killed)
Who is listening to everything Lady Macbeth is admitting? Her doctor
What is the doctor fearful of? That Lady Macbeth will kill herself
What is Dunsinane? The hill where Macbeth’s castle is
Who is Seyton? Attendant
What is Macbeth realizing in his 4th soliloquy? He isn’t doing what he should be doing at old age
How is the 3rd prophecy fulfilled? Malcolm and the English forces cut done the trees and cover themselves in it and walk towards the castle
What do Macbeth’s soldiers do? Leave him
What is Macbeth’s 5th soliloquy about? Lady Macbeth’s death
How do people think Lady Macbeth died? Guilt, killed herself or breaks her heart
What does Macbeth realize after Lady Macbeth’s death? Life is meaningless and there is nothing to live for
Who lead the attack on Macbeth’s castle? Siward and his son
Who, from the attack does Macbeth kill first? Young siward
Who kills Macbeth? Macduff
Who becomes king after Macbeth is killed? Malcolm
What does Malcolm promise as king? To restore the natural order of thing, promises peace, makes the thanes a bigger title
What is Malcolm not? An equivocater