Macbeth Notes

What 3 qualities define a King? Piety, humbleness and temperance.
Examples of piety? Old Man giving his blessing, Macbeth murdering the guards breaking the hierarchy under God, Macbeth talking about the devil is disobedient.
Examples of temperance? terrible desires within me, when Macbeth calls the witches hags, Macbeth threatening the witches with an eternal curse.
Examples of humbleness? Duncan saying you can’t read a man’s mind by looking at his face and how he trusted him, Macbeth talking about how Banquo’s descendants will be Kings, when Duncan decides to execute the Norwegian guy.
How does Lady Macbeth manipulate Macbeth? Asks to be made more manly, asks Macbeth if he wants to live life as a coward, and when he questions himself, he says that murder is the manly thing to do.
How does Malcolm manipulate Macduff? Malcolm tells him to dispute it like a man, Macduff says that he must feel it like a man, “O, I play the woman with mine eyes”
How do other characters use Lady Macbeth’s manipulation tactics? Macbeth manipulates the murders about Banquo, “Beware Macduff”, “Hail to you, Thane of Cawdor.”
Why is Lady Macbeth more evil and responsible for the murderers? (ESSAY TOPIC) She was present for the planning, she pressures Macbeth and she coordinated the murder.
How does Lady Macbeth pressure Macbeth into killing Duncan? asking if he wants to live as a coward, murder is a manly thing to do, Lady M saying she’d be ashamed if her heart was as weak as his.
How does Lady Macbeth coordinate the murder of Duncan? She explains the plan to Macbeth, takes pride in her plan (daggers), she’ll put Duncan’s blood on the servants.
How is Lady Macbeth present in the murder of King Duncan? Macbeth doesn’t want to commit the murder, Lady M keeps forcing the plan on him, Macbeth doubts his actions after the murder.
How does Duncan’s murder affect the the natural order of things ? Affects animal behaviour, nature, and human sanity.
How does Duncan’s murder affect animal behaviour? Owl scream and the crickets cry, horses broke out of their stalls, Falcon was killed by an owl who normally goes after mice.
How does Duncan’s murder affect nature? Earth shook as if it had a fever, wind blew down the chimneys, clock says its daytime but it looks like nighttime.
Hows does Duncan’s murder affect human sanity? Is this a dagger, Macbeth seeing the ghosts, Lady Macbeth sleepwalking.
What three qualities led Macbeth to his murderous behaviour and eradication of himself? Ambition, dark imagination and sense of self.
How does Macbeth’s dark imagination affect his murderous behaviour? “All hail Macbeth”, how he interprets the prophecy, exaggerates the prophecy to Lady M in his letter.
How does Macbeth’s ambition lead to his murderous behaviour? “to be thus is nothing”, aside on how the thought of murder shakes him up, “black and deep desires”.
How does Macbeth’s sense of self lead to his murderous behaviour? Macbeth first seen as someone who fought for his country, questions motivation to kill Duncan, doubts himself because he knows that King trusts him.