Macbeth Multiple Choice

Duncan orders Ross to Tell Macbeth he is thane of Cawdor
Why is Duncan’s reference to Lady macbeth as a “noble hostess” is an example of dramatic irony? Lady Macbeth plans to murder him
What do Macbeth and his wife do to make sure Duncan’s guards are blamed for his death? Use the guards’ dangers to stab Duncan
What does Lady Macbeth think that Macbeth lacks? Enough cruelty to murder Duncan
Both Lady Macbeth and Macbeth wish that Darkness will cover their evil deeds
What advice does lady macbeth give to Macbeth to aid her plan? Pretend to be nice to Duncan
Why is Lady Macbeth forced to put the daggers near the servants? Macbeth forgot to do it in his fear and guilt
What stopped Lady Macbeth from killing Duncan? Duncan reminds her of her father
When Banquo says he will fight the traitor who killed Duncan. he becomes one of the tragedy’s Antagonists
What do Malcolm and Donalbain decide to do after learning of Duncan’s murder? run away to protect themselves
Why does Macduff say that Malcolm and Donalbain are suspected of hiring their father’s murderers? They left Scotland without a word
Which good quality does Macbeth most fears in Banquo? Wise courage
The ghost at dinner cause Macbeth to Become extremely agitated and upset
Why does Macbeth worry he has killed Duncan more for Banquo’s sake than for his own? Macbeth does not have any children to follow him as king like Banquo.
In what way does macbeth see Fleance as an antagonist? Fleance will grow up into a dangerous enemy
Why does Macbeth say Banquo’s murder is different from murders in past times? Banquo is the only murdered man to return to sit among the living
One aspect of Macbeth’s tragic flaw is Overconfidence in himself
Why is Lady Macduff angry with her husband? His leaving throws suspicions
Macduff blames the deaths of his wife and children on his own sins
The contents of the witches’ cauldron foreshadow that in this tragedy, Macbeth’s rule will Make Scotland seem poisoned and diseased
Macduff addresses “tyranny” as “thou” and “thee”. What does Macduff mean by “tyranny”? Macbeth, who is an evil tyrant
What do Macbeth and Macduff have in common at the end of Act Four? Each wants to kill the other for his treachery
Although invisible to others, lady macbeth tries to wash away Spots of blood on her hands
Why is Macbeth unconcerned about the thanes who leave him to fight with Malcolm? The prophecies make Macbeth fearless
How is Macbeth’s request to the Doctor an example of dramatic irony in this tragedy? Malcolm’s forces will cure Scotland’s disease, which is Macbeth
How does Macbeth know Macduff will be the one who kills him? Macduff says he was removed from his mother
Siward’s concern about the death of Young Siward is Whether he died facing his enemy and fighting
Macbeth reveals in these lines that he believes that Actions are meaningless because we are inevitably drawn to death
What causes Macbeth to fight Macduff? Macbeth knows his death is fated and wants to face it
Malcolm shows that he will be a good king at the end of the play when he thanks his supporters and rewards them.