Macbeth: Macduff

PATRIOTISM ‘These evils thou repeat’st upon thyself have banished me for Scotland’
HONEST Not afraid to voice his original belief that Malcom and Donalbain killed Duncan saying ‘Malcolm and Donalbain, the kings two sons, have stol’n away and feld, putting upon them suspicion of the dead’
IMPULSIVE ‘To leave his wife, to leave his babies’
AFFECTIONATE ‘feel it as a man’
‘Let me find him, Fortune,And more I beg not. ‘ This is how to do ambition right: Macduff wants to avenge his family and his king, but he doesn’t seek power for himself. He doesn’t want to rule fortune; he’s content to be fortune’s tool.
‘O gentle lady, ‘Tis not for you to hear what I can speak.The repetition in a woman’s earWould murder as it fell. ‘ LOL, Macduff. He’s so tied to a notion of female gentleness that he can’t believe Lady Macbeth could even hear about murder, much less plot one. See, guys? Sexism hurts everyone.

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