Macbeth Key Quotes Act 2 Scene 3

‘Is the King stirring worthy thane’ Macduff, a noble man asks Macbeth wether the King is awake at Macbeth’s castle.
‘Strange screams of death’ Lennox, another noble man tells Macbeth of his night. Saying that he heard strange screams of death.
‘Prophesying with accents terrible’ Lennox, telling Macbeth that he heard terrible voices predicting catastrophes.
‘Some say the Earth Was feverous and did shake’ Lennox, telling Macbeth that some said the Earth shook as if it had a fever.
‘Twas a rough night’ Macbeth, tells Lennox that it was a rough night.
‘Tongue nor heart cannot conceive nor name thee’ Macduff, returns after seeing the King dead and tells Macbeth and Lennox that what he has seen is beyond words and beliefs.
‘The repetition, in a woman’s ear, would murder as it fell.’ Macduff telling Lady Macbeth that he cannot tell her what happened as it is too horrible for a women to hear.
‘Confusion now hath made his masterpiece’ Macduff telling confused Lennox and guilty Macbeth that the worst imaginable thing has happened.
‘There’s nothing serious in mortality’ Macbeth silently telling Lady Macbeth that there is nothing worth living for after the King has been found dead.
‘His gashed stabs looked like a breach in nature’ Macbeth saying that Duncan’s wounds look like wounds of nature and that what Macbeth has done is going against God.
‘Let’s away. Our tears are not yet brewed’ Donalbain telling his brother Malcolm that they are in danger and need to leave as they are in danger; even though they haven’t been able to weep yet.