Macbeth Key Character Descriptions

Words to describe Macbeth (22) Ambitious, gullible, foolish, malleable, greedy, dependent, tyrannical, obsessive, brave, ruthless, impulsive, desperate, naive, unprepared, devoted, submissive, jealous, egocentric, arrogant, violent, contemplative, haunted
Words to describe Lady Macbeth (20) Manipulative, cowardly, scheming, callous, hypocritical, determined, organised, paranoid, confident, unstable, guilty, deceitful, heartless, devious, superstitious, wicked, afflicted, overwhelmed, ambitious, selfish, grotesque
Words to describe Banquo (19) Honourable, brave, calm, clever, distrusting, curious, wise, loyal, fearless, determined, noble, practical, cautious, patient, worthy, virtuous, discerning, moral, insightful
Words to describe the Witches (18) Devious, cunning, mysterious, manipulative, transcendent, dark, dangerous, turbulent, uncivilised, evil, deceitful, cruel, inexplicable, malicious, villainous, unpleasant, prophetic, eerie
Words to describe Malcolm (15) Loyal, honourable, uncertain, composed, dutiful, cowardly, sensible, self-controlled, virtuous, innocent, violent, indecisive, intelligent, diplomatic, cautious
Words to describe Macduff (22) Emotional, courageous, focused, heroic, intuitive, brave, passionate, vengeful, brutal, valiant, loyal, legendary, loving, overwhelmed, clever, practical, dutiful, energetic, impulsive, patriotic, honest, affectionate