Macbeth + irony

Scotland In Act 1, what country is Macbeth fighting for?
Thane of Glamis (I think) What is Macbeth’s title at the beginning of the play?
Duncan Who was the King of Scotland in the beginning of the play?
a good one (We know this because Macbeth is hesitant about killing him since he is fair) What kind of king was King Duncan?
Malcolm Who is named heir to the throne by Duncan?
Thane of Cawdor In Act 1, who commits treason? (Not a specific person)
He will be named Thane of Cawdor and he will be King What prophecy is given to Macbeth by the 3 weird sisters in Act 1?
They can’t kill people. It shows they have limits. In Act 1, the reader learns something about the power of the witches. What is it and why is it important?
Banquo Who else, besides Macbeth, receives a prophesy from the weird sisters in Act 1?
He wil be great, but not as great as Macbeth and his sons will be kings. (Not too positive on this one) What does Banquo’s prophecy say?
Macbeth and Lady Macbeth- Macbeth is too kind, Lady Macbeth is ruthless In Act 1, which 2 characters are foils? How?
He is Duncan’s host and Duncan is a good king What 2 reasons does Macbeth give in 1.7 to not kill Duncan?
She questions his manhood and says “If I said I will do it, I would do it” Give 2 reasons Lady Macbeth uses to convince Macbeth that they must murder Duncan
Faces (Duncan trusts too easily), robes (symbol of power since Duncan wears robes), light/dark (witches are symbol of darkness) There are 3 recurring images/symbols in Act 1. What are they?
He kills Duncan In Duncan’s murder, what is Macbeth’s role?
She plants the daggers In Duncan’s murder, what is Lady Macbeth’s role?
He sees floating daggers Before Duncan is murdered by Macbeth, how does the reader know Macbeth is struggling with his conscience?
She rings a bell How does Lady Macbeth signal it’s time for Macbeth is come and kill Duncan?
Banquo (Not too sure) Which character at the beginning of Act 2 foreshadows Duncan’s murder?
She doesn’t want to kill Duncan because it reminds her of her father What is an example of Lady Macbeth’s compassion?
He tries to open his mouth to say “Amen” but nothing comes out While Macbeth is committing Duncan’s murder, how does the reader know his conscience is still bothering him? (I don’t have this one)
Get over it What is Lady Macbeth’s suggestion to Macbeth on how to deal with his guilt?
Comedic relief In Act 2, what is the porter’s purpose in the play?
Macduff, Banquo, Malcolm, Donalbain List the characters that show suspicion regarding how Duncan was killed? (I don’t have this one)
There is evil around What do disturbances in nature mean?
He goes from feeling guilty about killing Duncan to killing the guards without hesitation Describe Macbeth’s turning point in Act 2.
They are going to flee and take their riches elsewhere to be safe (I don’t have who goes where) What do Malcolm and Donalbain choose to do at the end of Act 2?
Macduff Who discovers Duncan’s dead body?
Banquo- Macbeth has everything now, but Banquo knows that Macbeth killed for it Who says the following lines? And what do they mean? “Thou hast it now- King, Cawdor, Glamis, all/ As the weird women promise, and I fear/ Thou has played most foully for ‘t..”
Macbeth- He says that he has ruined peace for Banquo’s kids Who said the following line? And what do the lines mean? “For Banquo’s issue I have filled my mind”
Banquo is a rich land owner who takes money from you What does Macbeth say to the murderers to convince them to kill Banquo?
3 How many murderers attack Banquo and Fleance
Fleance Who is the worm as mentioned in 3.4?
He talks to an empty stool At the dinner party in Act 3, what does Macbeth do that is awkward and weird?
She says he has had fits since he was young and that the lords shouldn’t ask him about it How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s behavior at the dinner party in Act 3?
the weird sisters to find out what he should do next At the end of 3.4, who does Macbeth intend to go see? Why? (I don’t have this one)
He knows there are spies At the end of Act 3, Lennox and another lord are talking sarcastically about Macbeth. Why?
Head with battle gear- Beware thane of fife Describe the first apparition and what it says
Bloody child- No man of woman born will harm him Describe the second apparition and what it says
Child with a crown holding tree- You will not be vanquished until the trees march up the hill Describe the third apparition and what is says
Macbeth asked for it Why do the witches show Macbeth a fourth apparition?
Line of 8 kings- look like Banquo’s line Describe the fourth apparition
They are cursed After the witches show Macbeth the apparition, what does Macbeth say about those who trust them?
Messanger- warns Lady Macduff about evil comingMurderers- kill everyone insideRoss- tells Lady Macduff that Macduff has fled List the visitors to Fife (Macduff’s castle) and why they are there
He insists he will be worse of a king than Macbeth How does Malcolm test Macduff?
“Am I fit to rule” What does Malcolm ask Macduff to conclude the test?
No, you’re not fit to live How does Macduff respond to Malcolm asking if he is fit to rule or not?
They’re going to kill Macbeth and King Edward gives troops to Malcolm What plans does Malcolm make with King Edward regarding Macbeth?
spiritual aid What does the doctor say Lady Macbeth needs? Not physical aid but…
Killing Duncan, Banquo, and Macduff’s family What does Lady Macbeth confess while the doctor and the gentlewoman are watching her?
Don’t give her anything she can harm herself with What does the doctor tell the gentlewoman concerning Lady Macbeth?
Fix it What does Macbeth say to the doctor when they were talking about Lady Macbeth?
They’re scared to do otherwise and are being forced to stay Why do Macbeth’s forces stay with him?
He wants to know what disease Scotland has (It’s ironic because he is the disease) What does Macbeth request to the doctor at the end of 5.3?
Cover yourselves with tree branches to disguise our numbers What does Malcolm tell his troops that exposes one of the weird sisters’ equivocation?
He thinks it’s an inconvenience Describe Macbeth’s reaction to the death of Lady Macbeth
The ghosts of his wife and children with haunt him forever What does Macduff say will happen if he does not find and kill Macbeth?
Macbeth thinks life it meaningless “Life is a tale/told by an idiot, full of sound and fury/ signifying nothing” Give the speaker and meaning
He was untimely ripped from his mother’s womb What does Macduff reveal about his birth?
He gives Macbeth the option of public humiliation How does Macduff get Macbeth to fight?
By dying with courage, not running away from the enemy According to Siward, how does a man achieve honor?
Young Siward Who died with wounds on the front of his body and therefore was honorable?
irony Lady Macbeth acts surprised when she hears about the murder when really she was in on it
irony Macbeth asks the doctor what the disease of Scotland is when in reality he is the disease