Macbeth Help For Exam

For whom are the witches waiting Macbeth
What is king Duncan’s reaction that cawdor is a traitor, what happens to his title Shock, he would be executed and Macbeth gets his title
How do the witches greet Macbeth Thane of Glomis, thane of cawdor, king of Scotland
What predictions do the witches make He will become the thane of cawdor & the king of Scotland And Banquos sons will be kings
Do Macbeth and Banquo have the same reaction to Ross’s news No, Banquo is more cautious
What kind of person is Duncan Trusting kind popular
What announcement is made about Malcolm, what is macbeths reaction He will be the next king he is confused
How did lady macbeth find out about the witches prophesies Macbeth sent her a letter explaining it
What is lady macbeths main concern about her husband He is too kind to commit murder Not man enough to become a king
How willing is Macbeth to go along with lady macbeths plan to attain the throne at first he says no, then he changes his mind and goes with it
How does lady Macbeth convince Macbeth to kill Duncan She says that he isn’t a man if he doesn’t do this, she threatens him
What does macbeth want to talk to Banquo about, what is his reply To talk about what the witches prophesies mean, Banquo is ok with it as long as there’s no wrong doing
What horrifying vision appears to Macbeth A bloody dagger
Why didn’t lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself who did He looks like her father Macbeth
Right after the murder how do lady Macbeth and Macbeth act Calm and collected, Macbeth says he’ll never sleep again oceans will turn red from blood in hands
Who comes to the castle early the next morning Macduff and Lennox
Who discovers Duncan’s body Macduff
How do Macbeth and lady Macbeth try to avoid suspicion Macbeth grief and kills guards to hide that they did it lady Macbeth faints
Who are Malcolm and donalbain and where do they go Duncan’s sons Malcolm goes to England donalbain goes to Ireland
Who will be king now Macbeth
What does Macbeth decide to do about Banquo he is a threat bc the prediction he will be the father of kings
What happens when the murderers meet Banquo and fleance They Kill Banquo and fleance escapes
Wha surprise guest do the macbeths have for dinner and what problem does he cause Banquos ghost appears causing Macbeth to act strange lady Macbeth makes excuses for him
Who is Hecate Queen of the witches
Where has Macduff gone and why The England to meet Malcolm and king Edward to get her forces to get rid of Macbeth
Why is Macbeth so anxious to meet the witches he wants to know more about his future
Describe the apparitions messages They say that nobody woman born will hurt him, he won’t be vanquished until burnan wood comes to his Castle, Banquo will father kings, beware of macduff
How does Macbeth decide to retaliate against Macduff He plans to kill his family
What does Malcolm need in the law of assurance from Macduff assurance of patriotism and concern for Scotland
How has the English king offered to help Macduff he will give them 10,000 soldiers
How has lady Macbeth changed since she was first seen in the play, what habits has she developed Crazy and lost confidence, sleep walks and washes hands constantly
Why are macbeths robes said to “hang loose about him” He isn’t a big enough man to fill Duncan’s place
Why is Macbeth so sure nothing bad will happen to him Be the witches prophesies tricked him into doing so
What clues do the soldiers activities give you that Macbeth may be wrong They cut branches from Birman wood as camouflage
What happens to lady Macbeth Commits suicide
Why is Macbeth so confident young disarm won’t kill him Witches prophecy: nobody woman born can hurt him
What surprise does Macduff bring in Macbeth He is a c-section
What does Macduff bring to Malcolm Macbeths head
Who will now be king of Scotland Malcolm
Killed by hired murderers Banquo
Dismissed guests from the banquet Lady Macbeth
Escaped from his fathers killers Fleance
Surprise guest seen only by Macbeth Banquo
Had a fit at the feast Macbeth
Became angry with the three witches Hecate
Disgraced by his failure to attend the feast Macduff
Hired murderers to kill his friend Macbeth
Tries to calm down Macbeth and assures him he’s being silly Lady Macbeth
Hopeful Macduff can reclaim Scotland Lennox
T/F Macbeth was bothered by the witches prediction that Banquo would father kings T
T/F the courtiers played a practical joke on Macbeth at the feast F
T/F A lord reported to Lennox that Macduff fled to Ireland F
T/F Lady Macbeth apologized to her husbands guests explaining he had a headache F
T/F Macbeths vision at the feast was due to moonlight coming through the window F
T/F Banquo had no hesitation about revealing his plans for the day to Macbeth T
T/F Macbeth has been having a great deal of trouble sleeping T
T/F Macbeth couldn’t find an empty seat at the banquet table F
T/F The queen of the witches help them plan what will happen to Macbeth next T
T/F Lennox suggests that fleance killed his father since the son fled after the death T
How many witches visit Macbeth and Banquo 3
The witches can visit/cause/predict the future Predict
Who wants a second set of prophesies Macbeth
By the pricking of my thumbs some thing evil/wicked/beautiful this way comes Wicked
Macbeth had Duncan/Banquo/the witches killed Banquo
Who do the witches tell Macbeth to beware Macduff
Who does Macbeth call upon to surround him while he kills Duncan Darkness of night
The witches prophecies make Macbeth think he is invincible/King/dead Invincible
Lady Macbeth goads Macbeth into murdering Banquo/Duncan/himself Duncan
Lady Macbeth doesn’t kill Duncan because she says he resembles whom Her father
Who tests macduffs loyalty to Scotland Malcolm
The battle described at the opening to the play was between Scotland and … Norway
Before we see Macbeth we learn that he is a … Brave fighter and nobleman
The witches hailed Macbeth as… Thane of glamis, thane of cawdor, King of Scotland
The witches prophesied that Banquo would be … The father of kings
Duncan named __ as his heir Malcolm
Lady Macbeth learned of the witches predictions from A letter
Lady Macbeth eagerly welcomed Duncan to the castle because… She thought it would provide the opportunity she needed to kill him
Macbeth hesitated to murder Duncan because He really liked Duncan
The person chiefly responsible for planning Duncan’s murder was Lady Macbeth
__ will be blamed for Duncan’s murder His guards
Just before the murder Macbeth had a vision of a … Dagger
Lady Macbeth would have killed,Duncan herself except… Duncan resembled her father
Macbeth thought he heard __ while he was murdering Duncan Voices
Macbeth refused to smear the guards with blood because He was afraid to return to the scene of the murder
The steady knocking on the castle door was done by Macduff and Lennox
Duncan’s body was discovered by Macduff
The guards were killed by… Macbeth
When lady Macbeth ‘learned’ of the deaths in the castle she Pretended to feel faint
Malcolm and donalbain decide to flee Scotland because They feared their lives
Malcolm decided to go to… England

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