Macbeth Final Practice Questions

What gift for Lady Macbeth did Duncan entrust to Banquo? A diamond
Just after he murdered the king, what did Macbeth think he heard a voice cry? “Sleep no more, Macbeth does murder sleep.”
Why does Lady Macbeth want her husband to smear the sleeping grooms with Duncan’s blood? To make it look like the guards killed Duncan
While Macduff is in the king’s chamber, Lennox talks to Macbeth about the previous night. What does he say took place? There were strong winds, strange screams of death, bird clammering, and there may have been an earthquake
To what countries do Malcolm and Donalbain go? Malcolm goes to England. And Donalbain goes to Ireland.
Is there any indication in the final scene of this act that Macduff is not pleased to see Macbeth crowned? Explain. He doesn’t go to cone, he doesn’t see Macbeth crowned.
Why does Macbeth want to know whether or not Fleance is going riding with his father in the afternoon, before the banquet? Because Macbeth is planning to kill Fleance
What does Macbeth tell the murderers Banquo has done to them?
What state of mind do the murderers reveal in their speeches to Macbeth? He’s willing to do anything. They’re poor and Macbeth is blaming Banquo for their poverty.
When the ghost appears a second time, and Macbeth’s remarks confuse and startle the guests, what does Lady Macbeth do to save the situation? She convinces them that it’s always happens, and asks them to leave.
How is Macbeth keeping himself aware of the attitudes and activities of the lords of his court? he pays spies/servants to tell him what’s going on.
What has made Macbeth certain that Macduff is not his friend? “Sent he to Macduff” (115).”Sir, not I” (115).
What evidence do we have in Act I, Scene II, of Macbeth’s bravery?
What evidence is there that King Duncan holds him in high esteem?
In Scene III, who seems more affected by the witches’ prophecies, Macbeth or Banquo? Explain.
What indications are there in this scene that Macbeth is highly imaginative?
is there any indication that the idea of killing Duncan has already occurred to him?
In Scene IV, what does Macbeth say is the duty of loyal subjects like himself to King Duncan? Is he sincere?
What happens in this scene which makes Macbeth vow that the evil deed he has been considering must be done?
What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw?
In his conversation with Banquo in Scene II, Macbeth pretends to be somewhat indifferent about the witches’ prophecies. What, in Scene V, proves that he took them very seriously?
From Lady Macbeth’s soliloquy (speech spoken when the actor is alone on the stage, revealing his thoughts) at the beginning of Scene V, wheat further insights on Macbeth’s character do we gain?
Do you have the impression that Lady Macbeth and Macbeth having a loving relationship? Explain.
Who seems the stronger in Scene V, Lady Macbeth or Macbeth? Explain.
Reread Macbeth’s famous soliloquy which opens Scene VII. What indication is there that Macbeth fears for the future if he should murder Duncan?
Does Macbeth see his own shortcomings clearly? Explain.
When Lady Macbeth accuses Macbeth of cowardice, he replies,Prithee [I pray you], peace:I dare do all that may become a man;Who dares do more is none.What is your understanding of this speech? Is Macbeth accurately describing his life to this point?
How does the first witch plan to punish the sailor’s wife who refused to give her chestnuts? By sending winds to the port.
What do the witches predict for Banquo’s future?
Aside from promising that Malcolm will be the next king, what title does Duncan give him?
On whom does Lady Macbeth call to give her the strength of purpose to perform Duncan’s murder? The witches
Macbeth gives three reasons why he should not kill Duncan. Name two of them.
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan for killing the king? To stab him and blame it on the chamberlains
True or false. Shakespeare studied little other than latin during his education in grammar school. True
True or false. Shakespeare made a good living by selling the 37 plays that he wrote. False
True or false. Folklore, prophecies and superstition were held in the same high esteem as official religious beliefs taught by the Church. True
True or false. People generally believed that God created a chain of Being that should not be disrupted and thus accepted their role in hierarchy of monarchs, nobles, churchmen, gentlemen and commoners. True
True or false. Shakespeare’s plays were written entirely in iambic pentameter. False
True or false. Dictionaries were not used during Shakespeare’s time resulting in people spelling words however they wanted and making up new ones. True
True or false. In the eleventh century, Scotland changed the way it selected its kings from a divine right and patrilineal system to an election by a council of noblemen. False
True or false. Both the Scottish and the English believed in and hunted witches. False
According to the article “A Look at Shakespeare’s London,” Shakespeare’s arrival in London was lucky because (give 1 reason)
What was a “groundling?”
Why did the Puritans tear down the Globe Theatre in 1644? Because they thought theater was a disruption to religion
What did a flag flying above the Globe Theatre mean?
In Macbeth, much of the IMAGERY that Macbeth uses is concerned with _______. This reveals his terrible ______ and shows that he cannot stop thinking about the ______ he has committed.
What is regicide?
Why would King James’ belief in witches cause a stir in England? Because he wrote about witchcraft
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