Macbeth – fate and free will

what is fate? fate is the opposite of free will, it is the idea that everything has been decided.
whats free will? free will means that humans choose their own course of action, so their future is made up of the results of their choices
Macbeth – fate Macbeth seems to believe In fate at times. he believes that “chance may crown me/without my stir”
witches its not clear whether the witches are messengers of Macbeths fate or whether their predictions inspires Macbeth to make bad choices
lady Macbeth – fate lady Macbeth believes that Macbeth is fated to be king, despite this she decides Macbeth must act to make it happen
Macbeth – free will at first Macbeth makes a deliberate choice not to kill Duncan after hes considered the options “we’ll proceed no further” Macbeth only acts because he hears his future
Banquo – fate Banquo believes in fate and is willing to let the witches predictions take their own course
how is fate and free will linked with ambition?

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