Macbeth discussion questions

The witches say together, “fair is fould, and foul is fair.” This is one of the most famous lines in Macbeth. What do you think it means Things that look pretty will become ugly and vice versaGood and bad working off each otherReferes to weatherThings are not as they appear
What does the sergeant soecifically report to Macbeth? What does this news reveals to yoy about Macbeths charachter? Sergeant reported what happened in bookMacbeth is brave and fierce–> GruesomeThe way he killed macdonwald was very violent
What common human feeling is Macbeth expressing when he says, “my thoughts…/ shakes so my single state of mind He feels uneasy and nervousHe is confused Things are not as they appear–> people think he is great but his soul is uglyChallenges with distinguishing reality from what he imagines.
How does Macbeth react to the announcement in his last speech in this scene? What does he reveal? Macbeth is angryHe finds out Malcolm will become kingThis reveals his deep and dark desire to become kingMacbeths ambition leads him to murder
What does the ringing of the bell indicate to Macbeth? How does Macbeth say the ringing relates to Duncan? ( what kind of poetic form ends the scene?) the question parentheses will be answered in class Lady Macbeth rings the bell the bell signals its time to kill Duncan.Lady Macbeth drugged the guards, once they passed out she rang the bellThe bell summons the king to heaven or hell
At the close of the scene, there is an incessant knocking at the door. What might this knocking symbolize Signifies that Macbeth is scared of who it might beScared someone might have found out he killed the kingHis conscience is bothering him The ghost seeking vengeance or justice
In Greek theatre, tragedies discus on the tragic hero. This tragic hero is great man who has one tragic down fall. As the hero accepts the consequence of his errors he teaches the audience some truth of life. If Macbeth is a tragic hero what is his tragic flaw? His ambition to become king.His ambition leads him to become a murdererHis tragic flaw leads to his downfall
Instead of attending coronation, mac duff plans to travel home. How might this choice be significant? Macduff suspects that Macbeth did something underhanded to become kingWhen he doesn’t attend the coronation he becomes Macbeths enemy
How does Macbeth’s use of hired murders affect the development of his character in the play? He doesn’t want to murder anyone himself. Compare this to his bravery on the battlefield. He doesn’t want to be caught
What strong. Metaphor does Macbeth use to describe his mental state? What is he worried about? Is lady Macbeth aware of his plans to resolve his worries His mind is full of scorpions. Being found out by Banquo and others. Lady Macbeth does not now about is plan to kill Banquo and Fleance.
What are banquos dying words? How might they relate back to the prophicies Act 3 scene 3 pg 104 line 19. ” o treachery! Fly, good fleance, fly, fly, fly. Thou mayst revenge”
Why does Banquo’s ghost haunt Macbeth and not Duncan’s (ghost)? Macbeth sees king Duncan as “just in the way “Banquo is Macbeth’s foil represents the good in Macbeth.
What comments does Hecate make that suggest Macbeth has free will? What does she say to suggest he is controlled by fate? Hecate is queen of the underworld (head of the witches) She says witches do not control him with their prophecies She says Macbeth is controlled by his own evil qualities
Lennox seems to be very careful in his speech. Why is he cautious in what he says? What, if anything, could be interpreted as a criticism of Macbeth? He thinks Macbeth is responsible for the murdersHe is sarcastic and ironic when he refers to Macbeth “noble deed”He doesn’t get in trouble because he’s indirect.He is the first one to refer to Macbeth as a tyrant.
What is Macbeth’s resolve at the end of this scene? How do his plans differ from previous actions? Says he will kill macduff and his familyThis murder is more vengeful
Why does Ross describe the current times as “cruel”? These are dark times because of the murders Macbeth is not a good ruler, there is a lot of uncertainty and danger People are not sure of another’s loyalty or treachery
How does Malcolm cleverly test Macduff’s loyalty? What is Macduff’s initial response?What finally indicates to Malcolm that Macduff is truly loyal? Malcolm states that he himself is worse than Macbeth being more corrupt and evil.At first he is fine with this. Ultimately macduff states his loyalty to Scotland Macduff declares Malcolm as unfit because Malcolm did not show dedication to Scotland.Malcolm sees Macduff as trustworthy.
What secrets does Lady Macbeth speak about in her sleepwalking? What calls her back to her bed? She is talking about the ” blood on her hands” pg 180She thinks she is hearing knocking at the door. Brings her back to the murder
What does Lady Macbeth mean when she says, “All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand” How do her words contrast with her comments about bloowdy hands in Act II, Scene II? Pg 182. She using hyperbole and metaphor to show that she can not erase what she has done. Nothing can cover up what she has done and the guilt she carries. She finally realizes the true meaning of the blood on her and Macbeth’s hands. Pg 60 line 50
How is the plant metaphor begun by Duncan in Act I, Scene IV, continued in this scene? Pg26, lines 29-30. Compares Banquo to plant in a positive wayPg 188 line 29-31 compares Macbeth to a weed
What does Angus say about the men that Macbeth commands? The soldiers are only following orders they are not doing it because they love Macbeth.
How would you describe Macbeth’s demeanor in this scene? Macbeth’s behavior is arrogant and cocky. He orders people around frantically and chaotically.He thinks he is immortal. Because of witches prophecy.Man born of women
In what way does Macbeth acknowledge in this scene that Scotland is suffering? Doctor is telling Macbeth that Scotland has “a disease” Scotland needs to be cured and returned to health Macbeth is the reason metaphor the disease is Macbeth
What tactical strategy does Malcolm implement? What is its purpose, and why is it significant to the play? The soldiers use tree branches to conceal themselvesThey move Birman wood fulfilling the prophecy
Macbeth delivers his most famous soliliquoy in this scene. What provokes the solilioquo and what is its main idea? Macbeth confidence is failing he is losing hope.Sad or depressed mood
What does Macbeth now recognize about the prophecies? How does his realization relate to the play’s central theme? He realizes they have come true but they were not truthful.Becoming king was not what he thought it would be.
How would you characterize teh scenes in the final act so far? What sort of mood (define first) does their form create? The structure of the last scenes Total of eight scenesCreates fast pace and sense of urgency
Why does Macbeth continue to scorn his opponents, despite his many setbacks? Macbeth was told he would not be harmed by any man born of womenHe feels confident because of the prophecy
What information does Macduff reveal about himself that makes Macbeth frightened? How does it relate to the prophecies? Macduff reveals that he was not born of women which frightens away his courage. Untimely ripped from his mothers wombMacbeth realizes his prophecy has come true
What is the final resolution of the play? Lady Macbeth kills herselfMacbeth and macduff fight and Macbeth diesMalcolm becomes kingScotland is left with the rule of law, justice and stability.