Macbeth Critical Quotes

Macbeth makes us identify and sympathise with a murderer John Boe 2011
Lady Macbeth is reduced to an insignificant person… as a result of a patriarchal portrayal of her gender Marion Davis 2009
Macbeth defines a particular kind of evil, the evil that results from a lust of power L.C Knights 1933
a morality play, written in terms of Jacobean tragedy… bought to retribution by his death William Farnham 19C
victory of the masculine over the feminine, with there being at the play’s end a totally masculine world, Lady Macbeth dead and the witches gone Marilyn French
[the witches give] the impression of mighty and inscrutable forces behind human life Harold Goddard 1951
the danger of ambition well described Samuel Johnson 1745
Macbeth’s deed is done in horror and without the faintest desire or sense of glory A.C. Bradley 20C

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