Macbeth Characters (Act 1 & 2)

Duncan King of Scotland. All is not calm and peaceful, though–Macbeth and Banquo have just been helping to quash a rebellion in his kingdom. Virtuous and noble and humble. He has two sons, Malcolm and Donalbain; He declares Malcolm his heir in 1.4. Has traitor Cawdor beheaded. Murdered in his sleep by Macbeth (and Lady Macbeth).
Malcolm Duncan’s oldest son. First heir to the throne before Macbeth. Flees after Duncan’s murder. People become suspicious after he fled.
Donalbain Duncan’s youngest son. Flees after Duncan’s murder. People become suspicious after he fled.
Ross Scottish noble and loyal to Duncan.
Macduff A scottish noble who is married to Lady Macduff and has a son. He has his own castle in Fife.
Macbeth Thane of Cawdor and Glamis. Prophesized that Macbeth shall be king. Married to Lady Macbeth. Plots with Lady Macbeth to kill Duncan and succeeds. Constantly nervous before and after the murder. Blames the murder on the two guards and kills them.
Lady Macbeth Married to Macbeth. Gets rid of all feminine features of herself to fully support Macbeth in his quest of killing Duncan. Has mixed feelings toward Macbeth himself.
The Weïrd Sisters Three witches who predict Macbeth and Banquo’s future.
Porter He is a very drunk doorman, who can barely open the gates for Macduff and Lennox. He pretends that he is the porter to the gate to hell, and plays a “game” with himself imagining all of the different types of sinners that he would let into hell.
Banquo Commander of Duncan’s Army along with Macbeth. Receives the prophecy that his children will be kings from the Weïrd Sisters.
Fleance Banquo’s son.
Lennox A scottish nobleman and loyal to King Duncan. Notices the strange events that occurred the night Duncan was murdered.
Old Man He talks to Ross about the strange accounts of recent unnatural happenings.