Macbeth characters

Shakespeare wrote 37 plays while living in London
James I Macbeth is written by Shakespeare to honor this monarch
Elizabeth I the monarch of England when Shakespeare began as a playwright
Macbeth his tragic flaw is blind ambition
the witches tell Macbeth that he will become Thane of Cawdor and king
Hecate angered by the witches for leading Macbeth astray
Banquo history suggests that he was Macbeth’s accomplice, but he is a victim in the play
Macduff his wife and children are murdered by Macbeth
Macduff he was not born of woman and is able to kill Macbeth
Fleance son of Banquo who escapes the murderers
Malcolm also known as “the Prince of Cumberland”
Malcolm he is to become king at the conclusion of the play
Donalbain flees to Ireland after the death of his father
Lady Macbeth wants to be strong and less like a woman in Act I
Lady Macbeth suffers from episodes of sleep walking before dying
Lady Macduff considers her husband to be a traitor for leaving her in her hour of need
the porter he answers the knocking at the gate after the king’s death
the porter makes reference to “the Gunpowder Plot” in his rant following the murder of Duncan
Duncan King of Scotland at the play’s beginning
Duncan Macbeth follows an imaginary daggar to this person’s bed chamber
Ross he is often the bearer of bad news to other characters
Young Siward his father is proud that his wounds were on his front meaning he did not die a coward
1050 A.D. approximate time that the real Macbeth lived and ruled in Scotland
1603 A.D. James I becomes King of England
1500 A.D. Modern English Period begins
1605 A.D. the year that the Gunpowder Plot to kill the king is thwarted
a bloody child the form of the apparition that states that no man born of woman shall harm Macbeth
helmeted or armed head the apparition that tells Macbeth to “beware Macduff”