macbeth and shakespeare

4 types of dialogue soliloquy, aside, monologue, chorus
2 main elements of drama dialogue, stage directions
author william shakespeare
place Scotland
3 titles for macbeth thane of glamis, thane of cawdor, king hereafter
armed head I beware of thane of fife
bloody child II Macduff at birth, can’t kill him when born out of a womb
crown child III Malcolm, when great birnam wood and duns inane hill come together they will vanquish macbeth
malcolm flees to england
banquo prophecy father a line of kings
who does macbeth defeat macdonwald
how did lady macbeth manipulate macbeth no love from her
macbeth’s second soliloquy bloody dagger vision
macbeth first soliloquy doubts of killing king
donalbain flees to ireland
why wasn’t macbeth afraid of macduff nobody born by a woman’s womb could kill him
sonnet 14 lined poem written in iambic pentameter
witches simbolize destiny
how many sonnets by shakespeare 154
macbeth’s genre tragedy
messenger ross
murderer called macduff’s son: egg head
soliloquy says her feelings to the audience
monologue long speech where the character expresses his feelings to another character
aside a private remark to the audience or a character
chorus everyone talking in one voice
where do the witches meet with macbeth heath
what does lady macbeth portray from macbeth’s letter? they have to kill king duncan
bell ring signals to kill everyone
how does lady macbeth frame the guards sprinkles blood on them and leaves the dagger by them
who saw the king dead. how did macbeth react macduff, he killed the guards
how do macduff and Malcolm unite after macbeth kills his family
what happens to lady macbeth at the end she’s depressed by her guilt of not killing king, suicide
shakespeare first work first folio
shakespeare dates 1864-1616
shakespeare daughters and wife anne hathaway, sussana, judith, hamlet

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