Macbeth acts/scenes

1.1 The witches meet together and talk about meeting with Macbeth. Paradoxical language, supernatural effect, stormy weather, scary, rhyming
1.2 The captain tells Duncan about the fight with Macbeth and Banquo. Ross alerts Duncan that they won the battle and Duncan orders him to execute the Thane of Cawdor. He also tells Ross to announce that Macbeth is the new Thane of Cawdor.
1.3 The 3 witches talk about how they killed a pilot and a sailor’s wife because of some chestnuts. They call Macbeth 3 different names (Thane of Glamis, Cawdor, king). He thinks of killing Duncan to fulfill the last name. The witches promise Banquo that his sons will be king.
1.4 Duncan has to know if the Thane of Cawdor has been murdured yet. Macbeth, Banquo, Ross, and Angus join Duncan and he thanks them. Macbeth is convinced that killing Duncan is the only way to become king since Malcolm (Duncan’s son) has been named Duncan’s successor.
1.5 Lady Macbeth starts to doubt whether or not Macbeth has the guts to kill Duncan. She calls upon spirits to give her the cruelty to kill Duncan. She lets Macbeth know that she will be in charge of Duncan’s murder and the preparations.
1.6 Lady Macbeth welcomes Duncan and his guests to the house.
1.7 Macbeth keeps doubting himself and the plan to kill Duncan. Lady Macbeth makes fun of him and offers a new plan. Macbeth agrees to do it.
2.1 Macbeth and Banquo discuss the prophecies though Macbeth claims to have forgotten them. Banquo leaves Macbeth to ponder what it is that he is about to do. Macbeth receives the signal and goes off to kill Duncan.
2.2 Macbeth returns to Lady Macbeth after killing Duncan, though he brought the bloody knives with him. Lady Macbeth goes to finish the job and sends him to bed to clean himself. Full of sound, blood, sleep
2.3 The porter, Macduff, Lennox, and Macbeth discover Duncan’s death and Lennox proclaims the servant as the murderers. Lady Macbeth stops them from questioning Macbeth. Malcolm and Donalbain flee fearing for their lives.
2.4 Ross laments the unnatural horrors of the times with the old man. Then he discusses the fleeing of the sons and Macbeth’s coronation with Macduff. Lots of supernatural imagery including cannibalistic horses
3.1 Banquo thinks Macbeth killed Duncan. Macbeth feels like his throne is threatened by Banquo’s son. Macbeth hires a murderer and turns them against Banquo.
3.2 Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are both nervous. Macbeth talks about his dirty deed and is frightened of Banquo. Macbeth doesn’t tell Lady Macbeth the plan.
3.3 A 3rd murderer joins the other two and tries to kill Banquo and Fleance. Banquo is murdered and Fleance escapes.
3.4 Macbeth is told of Banquo’s death and Fleance’s escape. Banquo’s ghost is at the dinner table and his fright causes the dismissal of his guests. Macbeth goes to the witches again and they forsee more violence.
3.5 The witches talk and forsee more violence
3.6 Lennox talks about politics in Scotland. Nameless lord tells Lennox of Macduff’s flight to England to help overthrow Macbeth.
4.1 3 witches perform some sort of sorcery with cauldrons when Hecate appears. She commends the witches and their potion and when Macbeth arrives the witches agree to answer his questions. Through a series of apparitions conjured up by the witches, Macbeth learns that he must fear Macduff, no man born of woman can harm him, and he will not be defeated until Birnham Wood moves. The apparitions take the form of Banquo and Macduff, Macbeth decides to kill Macduff and his family.
4.2 Ross talks to Lady Macduff about why Macduff had to leave. A messenger comes by to warn her of impending danger but it’s too late as the murderers arrive, demanding to know where Macduff is. They kill Macduff’s son and Lady Macduff.
4.3 Malcolm and Macduff lament about what has happened in Scotland: Macbeth’s treachery, the death of so many people including Macduff’s son. They begin discussing a plan to overthrow Macbeth with the help of captain Siward in England. Ross enters and tells about the horrible state their country is in, finally settling on revenge.
5.1 A doctor and gentlewoman talk about Lady Macbeth’s odd sleep walking behaviors. Lady Macbeth washes her hands while she’s asleep as she replays the murder she and macbeth committed. The doctor believes she needs spiritual aid to save her.
5.2 The Scottish army travels to Birnham wood to combine with Malcolm’s English army. They want to rebel against Macbeth.
5.3 Macbeth finds out about reports of the Scottish and English army coming to fight him and doesn’t seem worried. Seyton, Macbeth’s servant, confirms the reports and Macbeth says that he will fight hard. He becomes anxious about Lady Macbeth’s condition and is annoyed when the doctor can’t cure her.
5.4 The scottish army joins up with the English army at Birnham wood. Malcolm orders every soldier to carry a bough of the wood. (He can’t die until Birnham wood moves)
5.5 Macbeth is confident and believes he can kill any enemy soldier. He learns about Lady Macbeth’s death from Seyton. He also learns that Birnham wood is moving to Dunsinane castle so he wants to fight Malcolm in the field.
5.6 Malcolm and his troops arrive at Dunsinane castle. Macduff wants to blast their trumpets and give Macbeth hell.
5.7 Macbeth fights Young Siward and kills him. Macduff searches for Macbeth to kill him. Dunsinane castle is surrendered to Malcolm.
5.8 Macduff, ripped prematurely from his mother’s womb, finds Macbeth and wants to fight. Macbeth, realizing this, gets nervous but fights him. He is killed and his head is held up proudly. Malcolm becomes king.

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