Macbeth Acts I & II

When was Macbeth written and who wrote it? circa 1606William Shakespeare
Who did Shakespeare write it for? King James I of England (James VI of Scotland)-loves Supernatural
What type of play is it? a tragedy & Scottish Play
What is equivocation? ambiguous answers or tales
What is dissimilation? to put on a false face; pretend nothing is wrong-disguise/hide feelings, intentions, or thoughts
What are the Elements of a Tragedy? Tragic Hero (nobility/upper rank)Tragic Flaw (causes his downfall)Tragic DownfallInternal/External conflicts (MvM, MvSo, MvHim)Confront forces beyond their controlChoice (influenced by fate)Always ends in catastropheHuman limitation
What is the purpose of a tragedy? to bring out emotions of pity and fear
Who is Banquo? 1 of most virtuous nobles; based off of father of the Stuart Kings
Define furbished. brightened, polished
Define Prophetic. having the power to foreshadow or predict
Define Surmise. conjecture/uncertain knowledge
Define Chastise. to condemn sharply/scold
Define Metaphysical. supernatural
What style is Macbeth written in? blank verse – unhrymed lines of iambic pentameter
What is pathetic fallacy + example? When nature reacts to events in play-Ex: when witches enter there is thunder/lightening
Where does Macbeth take place? England and Scotland
What happens in Act I scene i? The witches meet & plan to see each other again after the battle on the heath, where they will meet Macbeth.
Who are Graymalkin and Paddock? Pet cat and toad of the witches (in that order)
What is foreshadowed by the witches in Act I scene i? “fair is foul, and foul is fair”
What does the captain report to king Duncan? -battle was close-Macdonwald rebelled against them and joined the Irish-Macbeth defeated him & put his head on their castle walls-After Irish pushed back, Norwegians attacked-this time Banquo and Macbeth fought back twice as hard
How does Macbeth become Thane of Cawdor? Thane of Cawdor betrayed king Duncan, so Duncan sent him to trial and gives Macbeth his title
What does one witch say she will do because a women refused to share her chestnuts? said will travel the ocean in a sieve and find her sailor husband and do horrible things to him-he will be cursed by bad weather and waste away for 81 weeks
What does one witch have of a drowned pilot? his thumb
What is the appearance of the witches? old, decrepit, wrinkly, thin lips, skinny, have beards even though look like women
What do the witches predict? for Macbeth: will become Thane of Cawdor and the kingfor Banquo: he himself will not be king, but his children will be
Who is Sinel? Macbeth’s deceased father
What awards were given to Banquo and Macbeth from King Duncan? Macbeth: Thane of CawdorBanquo: love from King Duncan
How does lady Macbeth find out about everything that has happened so far? a letter from Macbeth
What does Lady Macbeth plan to do to King Duncan? kill him when he comes over with Macbeth
What does Lady Macbeth ask for so she can carry this out? -to become man-like-to become cruel and feel no remorse
How does Lady Macbeth instruct Macbeth to act? -treat Duncan kindly and normally-look peaceful
What symbol is outside Macbeth’s castle? A martlet = bird; also a naive person
What prompted the writing of Macbeth? The Gunpowder Plot led by Guy Fawkes
What is a heath? wasteland
What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw? ambition
What type of play is Macbeth? a Scottish play
Why does Macbeth not want to murder Duncan? he is his king & he is a loyal subjectDuncan just honored him & he doesn’t want to betray them yet
Who/What is against Macbeth? -Lady Macbeth-Weird Sisters-Fate (fills role of a traitor)-Tragic Flaw (ambition)
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan to kill Duncan? -get his guards drunk-use their daggers to kill Duncan
What leads Macbeth to king Duncan’s room? a floating dagger, it becomes bloody when they get closer to his room
Who are Duncan’s sons? Donalbain & Malcolm (M in line for throne)
How does Macbeth realize he is becoming evil? When he murdered Duncan, the 2 sons whispered “murder” in their sleep, woke up, and prayed. Macbeth tried to say Amen, but couldn’t.=God no longer on his side
What do the voices say after he kills Duncan? “sleep no more”
What 3 things does the Porter say are caused by drinking? -turns your nose red-puts you to sleep-make you urinate+also makes you lust, but unable to do anything about it+
What do Malcolm and Donalbain plan to do after they discover their father was murdered? think they will be next = decide to flee-M to England-D to Irelandleave without telling anyone b/c don’t trust them
What happened to Duncan’s horses? they went crazy and ate each other
What does Macduff tell the Old Man and Ross? -the people who Macbeth killed were paid by Duncan’s sons-prime suspects b/c ran away
Who was named king in Malcolm’s absence? Macbeth
What is an aside? no other characters hear even though they’re on stage
What is a soliloquy? alone; reveals feelings
What is a monologue? speech; one or all hears
What is Macbeth’s Castle? Duncan’s? Macduff’s? IvernessForresFife
What is stichomythia? rapid back and forth dialogue between 2 characters

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