Macbeth Acts 4

Witch 2 says, “By the pricking of my thumb, Something wicked this way comes.” Whoarrives? Macbeth arrives
What is Macbeth’s attitude towards the witches this time? He is demanding, trying to take charge.
What four things did the witches show Macbeth? What does each show/say? What isMacbeth’s reaction? They showed him an armed head, a bloody child, a crowned child with a tree in its hand,and, finally, eight kings followed by Banquo’s ghost. Respectively, they showed/toldMacbeth to beware of Macduff, that he would not be harmed by anyone “born of woman,”that he would not be vanquished until Birnam Wood would come to Dunsinane, and thatBanquo’s descendants would be kings.
Macbeth says (about the witches), “Infected be the air whereon they ride, And damned allthose that trust them!” What is Macbeth, in effect, saying about himself? He is saying that he is now damned since he has trusted them.
Where is Macduff? Why isn’t he with his family? He is in England helping Malcolm.
What is Lady Macduff’s attitude at the moment about her husband Macduff? Lady Macduff is furious at her husband’s abandonment-she calls him a traitor and a coward. She tells her son it is left up to the mother to protect her young now, and that his father is dead.
Why does Macbeth have Macduff’s family and servants killed? Macduff is not loyal to Macbeth, and Macbeth is angry.
Why is Malcolm in England? Malcolm flees to England because after his father, King Duncan, is murdered, he is afraid that he’s next. He wants to get out of where he lives to be safe.
Why does Macduff travel to England? Macduff travels to england because he does not agree with Macbeth’s rule/leadership. He looks for supporters to help to overthrow him and get a new leader.
Why does Malcolm test Macduff? Malcolm tests Macduff because he’s afraid that Macbeth sent Macduff to get Malcolm and trick him to return home. He wants to assure that Macduff is actually truthful in saying that he doesn’t like Macbeth. After all, they all were very fond of him before he came king.
What news does Ross bring to Macduff? Ross brings news of Macduff’s family’s murders
What does Malcolm tell Macduff to do with his grief? Malcolm tells Macduff to turn his grief into anger. This is just after Ross comes into the scene, and informs Macduff that Macbeth has just murdered his wife and son.
What does Malcolm resolve to do by the end of Act 4? Malcolm decides that he will go and overthrow Macbeth.