Macbeth Acts 2-3

How does Shakespeare help his audience know that it is night time for Scene 1? Banquo and Fleance are holding a torch.
Approximately what time is it in Act 2 scene 1? Sometime after midnight
Macbeth tells the servant to have his wife ring the bell when his drink is ready. What is supposed to happen when the bell rings? Macbeth will go upstairs to kill Duncan when the guards are passed out.
What does Macbeth see before his eyes? A dagger
Whose blood is it covered with? Duncan’s blood
What has made him conjure up the image of a dagger? He is looking for a sign to kill Duncan, he wants to be king
What has helped to make Lady Macbeth bold? She is drunk
Who is the “fatal bellman”? The owl
Why couldn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself? He looked too much like her father
When did the owl shriek? When Duncan was killed
What is happening to Macbeth’s character after he kills Duncan? He is overcome with guilt, is having a breakdown
What is death being compared to? Death of each day’s life, sore labors bath, balm of hurt minds, great natures second course; meaning innocent sleep is no longer possible
What has Macbeth forgotten to do? Plant the daggers on the guards
What does Macbeth use to describe the depth of his guilt? The ocean; the whole ocean cannot wash his hands clean
What is ironic about the porter asking who is at the gate in the name of Beelzebub? That would infer the Macbeth is the devil
What is the porter asking for when he opens the entrance and says, “I pray you, remember the porter”? He is asking for a tip
According to the porter, what does drink do? Makes your face red, pass out, have to pee, lechery
Paraphrase what Lennox describes of the camp last night. Storm at the camp, fires went out, owl screaming, earthquake
Where is Malcolm going? England
Where is Donalbain going? Ireland
What is happening with the weather in Act 2 Scene 4? An eclipse
What happened to Duncan’s horses? They ate each other
According to Macduff, what part did Macolm and Donalbain play in Duncan’s murder? They bribed the chamberlains to kill Duncan
What does Banquo reveal about Macbeth at the beginning of Act 3? He thinks Macbeth had something to do with Duncan’s death
What does Banquo reveal about himself? He hopes his prophecies will come true.
What does Macbeth mean when he says that the witches places a “fruitless crown” on his head and a “barren scepter” in his hand? He and his wife are unable to have children.
What is Macbeth trying to say when he compares men to dogs? There are different types of men, like there are different types of dogs.
What does Macbeth equate with sleep? Peace
Why has a murderer been added? Macbeth told him to
How are the murderers sure that the person approaching is Banquo? Everyone else is already there
What happens at the murder of Banquo? The torch gets knocked out
How is Macbeth arranging his guests? By social rank
Describe Banquo’s murder according to the murderer Neck was cut, head was bashed 20 times
Why can’t Macbeth sit down? Banquo’s ghost is in his seat
How does Lady Macbeth explain her husbands actions? He has fits
How does Lady Macbeth get her husbands attention? Asks him if he is a man
According to Macbeth, what is wrong with nature? The dead are supposed to stay dead

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