Macbeth Acts 1-2 Synonyms and Antonyms

Countenance Synonyms: An expression, demeanor, appearance
Sentinel Synonyms: A lookout, watchman, sentry
Harbinger Synonyms: An omen, sign, forewarning
Allegiance Synonyms: Dedication, faithfulness, devotion Antonyms: Disloyalty, treachery, faithlessness
Prophetic Synonyms: Predictive, prognostic , foreshadowing
Metaphysical Synonyms: Supernatural, abstracts, mystical Antonyms: Concrete, factual, real
Equivocate Synonyms: To dodge, sidestep, avoid Antonyms: To answer, confront, encounter
Refrain Synonyms: To abstain, shun, desist Antonyms: To continue, indulge, participate
Treason Synonyms: Mutiny, deception, revoltAntonyms: Dedication, fidelity, allegiance
Beguile Synonyms: To enchant, mesmerize, seduce Antonyms: To disenchant, turn off, repel
Incarnate Synonyms: Embodied, manifested, tangible
Prosperous Synonyms: Affluent, flourishing, thriving Antonyms: Poor, broke, penniless
Defect Synonyms: To abandon, reject, desertAntonyms: To maintain, persevere, remain
Surmise Synonyms: To hypothesize , presume, speculateAntonyms: To calculate, determine, measure
Infirm Synonyms: Feeble, frail, weak Antonyms: Healthy, fit, strong
Chastise Synonyms: To punish, censure, reprimand Antonyms: To praise, applaud, commend
Monologue Synonyms: A sermon, speech, soliloquyAntonyms: A conversation, dialogue, discussion
Purveyor Synonyms: A seller, vendor, peddler
Entreat Synonyms: To beg, plead, implore Antonyms: To answer, reply, design
Wanton Synonyms: Shameless, promiscuous, outrageousAntonyms: Chaste, virginal, pure