Macbeth Act V Quiz

What do you imagine Lady Macbeth is writing? Her confessions
What sort of things do you think she is saying that the gentlewoman won’t repeat? She’s talking about the murders
What is Lady Macbeth doing in front of the doctor and gentlewoman? She is sleepwalking, pretending to wash her hands and carrying a candle
What night does she seem to be reliving? The murder
What else does she feel guilty about? Banquo and the Macduff family’s murders
Why can’t the doctor cure her? It is an illness of her mind, not her body, it’s out of his hands
What does Caithness report about Macbeth? (5.2.14-18) He can’t maintain his throne for much longer
What does Angus report about Macbeth? (5.2.19-25) Can he feel all the blood on his hands
Where is the Scottish rebellion force going to meet Malcolm and the English forces? Birnam Wood
As Macbeth realizes forces are mounting to overthrow him, how does he comfort himself? (5.3.1-11) That he’ll be find because the prophecy said no man born of woman can harm him
What does Macbeth realize he has given up or lost in his desire for power? (5.3.26-34) He’s given up happiness for honor
What does Macbeth want the doctor to do? (5.3.49-55). To cure Lady Macbeth and have her be who she was before Duncan’s murder
What is the doctor’s response to Macbeth’s request? (5.3.56-57) It’s up to Lady Macbeth
What does Malcolm command his troops to do? (5.4.6-9) Cut down branches to use as camoflouge
What prophecy of the witches’ does this relate to? The part about Birnam Wood moving to Dunsinane Hill
What change does Macbeth observe has occurred in himself? (5.5.11-17) He has forgotten how to feel fear or sorrow
Read lines 20-31 and summarize what Macbeth is saying in your own words. It’s a famous speech about the passage of time and life
The monologue Macbeth gives when he learns of Lady Macbeth’s death is very famous. Why do you think this quotation (5.5.27-31) is so famous? He is saying that now that his wife is dead, he has nothing to live for since being King has lost him everything else, including his sanity. It shows you just how tortured Macbeth is and that he has completely given up
What startling news does the messenger report to Macbeth? (5.5.37-39, 41-43) That Birnam wood is coming
What does Macbeth now think about the witches’ prophecy? (5.5.48-52) He is afraid and angry
Although Birnam Wood is coming to Dunsinane Hill, what prophecy does Macbeth still cling to? That no man born of woman can harm him
Why is it important to Macduff that he personally kill Macbeth? (5.7.19-21) Because Macbeth killed his entire family
When Macbeth says, “I bear a charmed life, which must not yield to one of woman born.” what crucial information does Macduff reveal about himself? (5.8.19-20) Macduff reveals that actually his mother had a cesarean section to birth him
Do you find it admirable or pathetic that Macbeth declares, “I will not yield…yet I will try the last…” (5.8.32-39) even when he knows the witches have tricked him and he cannot win? Pathetic because he knows he is going to die, and he’s already destroyed the kingdom and lost everything so he should just give it up.
a) Who killed Macbeth? Macduff
b)Who is the new king of Scotland? Malcolm
What does Malcolm say about the death of Lady Macbeth? (5.8.82-84) That she is a fiend-like queen and killed herself