Macbeth || Act V Notes

Who calls the doctor for Lady Macbeth? her gentlewoman (servant)
What is wrong with Lady Macbeth? she is sleepwalking
Why is Lady Macbeth sleepwalking? she is quilty
What events are Lady Macbeth talking about during her sleepwalk? the murders of Duncan, Banquo, and Lady Macduff
What is Lady Macbeth doing when she is sleepwalking? washing her hands
Why is Lady Macbeth washing her hands? to get rid of the blood (guilt)
What does Lady Macbeth want Macbeth want to stop doing? killing people
What can Lady Macbeth still smell? What does she say about the smell? she can still smell the guilt and all the perfumes in Arabia cannot get rid of the small
Can the doctor help Lady Macbeth? If not, why? no because it is not medical – it is a problem with her conscience not her body
What is Lady Macbeth afraid of? the dark
What does Lady Macbeth need beside her bed? a lighted candle
What does the doctor tell the gentlewoman to do? Why? remove sharp objects away from lady macbeth so she would not kill herself
What does the gentlewoman know? Macbeth was involved in the murder of Duncan, Banquo, and Lady Macduff
What is the gentlewoman afraid of? Why? being killed or hanged because she knows about the murders
Why are the soldiers following Macbeth? they are following him because he commands them not love him
What are Macbeth’s soldiers going to do? leave Macbeth and join England
What do the soldiers call/describe Macbeth? a tyrant, dwarf, thief
What do the soldiers mean when they said Macbeth cannot buckle his distempered cause? he cannot control his army
What do Macbeth’s soldiers mean when they call him a dwarf thief? he is unfit to be king and stole the crown
Who is Macbeth being mean and aggressive to? his servant
what does Macbeth call his servant? whey face
What does Macbeth say about getting old? when getting old you need friends, love, honor, obedience
Instead of getting the things when getting old, what does Macbeth have instead? curses that are not loud but deep
Why does the doctor come to Macbeth? to tell him he cannot cure Lady Macbeth because he cannot cure thoughts
Where is the English army? birnam wood
What does Malcolm order the soldiers to do? Why? cut down a tree and carry it in front of them- it would hide the size of their army- birnam wood would move up dunsinane hill
Who dies? How? Lady Macbeth- she kills herself
why does Macbeth insist on disregarding the advancing armies? because of the witches’ prophecies
What does Macbeth say about our tomorrows? each tomorrow is the same
What does Macbeth say about yesterdays? it leads us to our death
Life is a poor actor who does what? goes on stage for an hour and then leaves and no one remembers the actor (life is meaningless)
Life is what kind of tale and told by whom? a meaningless story told by an idiot
What does out, out brief candle mean? life is short
What was Macbeth think when he said, “Out, out brief candle” he wants to die
What led Macbeth wanting to die and life is meaningless? Lady Macbeth’s death
Who does Macbeth kill? Young Siward
What does Macduff say to the heavens? he wants to kill Macbeth for justice or his wife and children’s ghosts will haunt him forever
What does Macbeth find out about Macduff? he was not born from a woman (C section)
Who dies in the end? Macbeth
How does Macbeth die? Macduff kills him and cuts his head off
Who is now king? Malcolm

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