Why won’t the gentlewoman say what he has overheard from Lady Macbeth?a. The words were vile and unrepeatableb. She is afraid of being charged with treasonc. She has been sworn to secrecyd. It was gibberish b
What activity does the gentlewoman observe Lady Macbeth engaging in during the night?a. Lighting candles and chantingb. Summoning the witchesc. Writing lettersd. Stripping naked and standing in front of the window c
Who does the doctor say is the only one who can help Lady Macbeth?a. Macduffb. Godc. Macbethd. The pope b
What disturbing behavior is Lady Macbeth exhibiting?a. Weeping uncontrollablyb. Pulling out her hairc. Screaming at the servantsd. Sleepwalking d
Who does the gentlewoman request come and listen in on Lady Macbeth?a. Rossb. Macbethc. Macduffd. The doctor d
What are Menteith, Angus, Lennox and Caithness discussing?a. Rumors of the ghost of Banquob. Seeing Lady Macbeth sleepwalkingc. Sightings of the witchesd. Malcolm’s battle plans d
What vow is made by the new subjects?a. To overthrow Macbeth and regain Scotlandb. To follow Macbeth, whatever the costc. To never forget Macduff’s slain familyd. To see Macbeth burn in Hell a
Where do Menteith, Angus, Lennox and Caithness plan to meet?a. Near Birnam Woodb. At the Tower of Londonc. On the moors behind Invernessd. At Macduff’s castle a
What military success has Macbeth had?a. Taking high profile prisoners of warb. Defeating Malcolmc. Securing Dunsinaned. Clearing Birnam Wood of Macduff’s loyalists c
True or False: Macbeth’s newly-conquered subjects are loyala. Trueb. False b
True or False: Macbeth feels confident that he will defeat Malcolma. Trueb. False a
What does Malcolm tell his troops to do?a. Cut tree branches and use them as camouflageb. Give their lives to save Scotlandc. Play dead on the battlefieldd. Alert him if any of them see the witches a
What terrible discovery does Macbeth make about Lady Macbeth?a. She has lost her mindb. She has fled Invernessc. She is deadd. She has turned traitor c
What sad observation does Macbeth make?a. He can trust no oneb. He has let his greed guide himc. Lady Macbeth never loved himd. Life is short d
What news does the messenger bring?a. He has seen Banquo’s ghostb. Birnam Wood is movingc. Malcolm is deadd. The witches are in the castle b
Why does Macduff say the prophecy protecting him from “woman born” does not apply?a. The witches are liarsb. He is half-godc. The witches have no powerd. He was born by Cesarean section d
Why does Macbeth urge Macduff to leave?a. He is lying to make him feel more secureb. He feels he has enough of Macduff’s family’s blood on his handsc. He likes him and wants him to live, if not have the throned. He wants to give the man a fair chance b
What does Macduff call Macbeth?a. A murdererb. A pawnc. A cowardd. A fool c
What gruesome battle trophy proves Malcolm is now king?a. Macbeth’s severed headb. Macbeth’s eye-teethc. The bodies of Macbeth and all the witchesd. Macbeth’s thumb a
Who is the first casualty at Dunsinane?a. Siwardb. Malcolmc. Macbethd. Macduff a

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