Macbeth Act V

What 3 deaths does Lady Macbeth confess to during her sleep walk? Duncan’s, Lady Macduff’s, and Banquo’s
How does Lady Macbeth die? Suicide
The Doctor asks whom about the things Lady Macbeth has been saying? Lady Macbeth’s servant
What is Lady Macbeth doing with her hands as she appears during her sleepwalk? Pretending to wash them
What is Lady Macbeth attempting to wash from her hands during her sleepwalk? Blood
“What, will these hands ne’er be clean?” Speaker is who Lady Macbeth
“Out, damned spot!”Speaker and “spot” Lady MacbethBlood
“Remove from her the means of all annoyance”Speaker and “means of annoyance” DoctorAnything that Lady Macbeth might use to kill herself
“Hang loose about him, like a giants robe/Upon a dwarfish thief”Who is him, “giants robe” and “thief” Him – MacbethGiants robe – DuncanThief – Macbeth
Does Donalbain fight in the battle in this act? no
“Out brief candle”Speaker and Fig language and “candle” MacbethMetaphorLIfe
“And be these juggling fiends no more believed that palter with is in a double sense”Speaker, “fiends”, and Fig language MacbethWitchesIrony
Macbeth kills who in this act? Young Siward
Malcolm has two symbols in the act what are they? Sovereign Flower and Medicine
Siward is proud of the way his son died. True or False True
“My soul is too much charged with blood of thine already”My and thine MacbethMacduff
What is the name of the wood surrounding Macbeth’s castle? Birnam Wood
What is the name of Macbeth’s castle? Dunsinane
“I have lived long enough”Speaker Macbeth
“It is a __________ told by an __________”Fill in the blanksGive SpeakerWho/what is “it” taleidiotMacbethLife
“Tyrant, show thy face”Speaker Macduff
“Had he his hurts before him?”Speaker and he SiwardYoung Siward
Why are there so many scenes in act five? the setting changes very often
What is Act Five called in a tragedy? Resolution
Who kills Macbeth? Macduff
Who becomes king after Macbeth’s death? Malcolm
Why does Donalbain not fight? He is either too young or it is to protect the blood line in case of Malcolm dying in battle
“Cans’t thou not minister to a mind diseased”Speaker and Fig Language Macbeth Irony
What are two ways the witches trick Macbeth? Woods do move Macduff was cut from his mother not birthed
Does Macbeth stay in the castle and siege or go out and meet the attack? Meet the attack
Do Macbeth’s soldiers fight out of love for him or because he commands them? Command
“He cannot buckle his distempered cause/Within the belt of rule”Type of Image Clothing Image
Macbeth begins to doubt the witches. True or False True
“Meet we the Med’cine of the sickly weal””medicine” Malcolm
Three things Macbeth likens life to in his speech after Lady Macbeth’s death CandlePoor PlayerTale
“Yet who would have thought the old man to have had so much blood in him”Speaker and old man Lady MacbethDuncan