In Lady Macbeth’s Speech p.390a._______ is the “spot” of which she speaksb._______ became like “hell”c.The “old man” is ______. (whom?)d. _________ is the ” Thane of Fife’s wife”. a. King Duncan’s bloodb. Their castlec. King Duncand. Lady Macduff
What change in Lady Macbeth’s speech (p.390) suggests her mental deterioration? she shares information about the murders that incriminate her while sleep walking
What advantage do Malcolm’s forces gain over Macbeth as a result of the difference in morale? Malcolm’s troops are ready and willing to fight. Macbeth’s troops are forced or paid to fight and they don’t care about the outcome
Explain why Macbeth’s denunciation of his opponents as ” fake thanes” ironically supports the theme of deceptive appearances. Thanes should be the Kings allies and throughout the play Macbeth has been fake
What does Lady Macbeth do with her hands while sleepwalking? she rubs her hands as if she was washing them; she’s trying to get the blood thats she sees off of them
How do Caithness and Angus describe Macbeth’s state of mind? they say that Macbeth is insane or in a rage and he is a tyrant
What does Macbeth say and do that confirms the description of him given by Caithness and Angus in Scene 2? he threatens to hang anyone who speaks of fear and he leaves the castle to attack the opposition
Like her husband, Lady Macbeth proves to be incapable of _________________________. repentance or remorse
The English troops are commanded by __________. Siward
How does young Siward die with honor? He dies at the hand of _________. 1.he stands up to Macbeth like a brave soldier should2. Macbeth
What becomes of Lady Macbeth? she kills herself
Until the very end , Macbeth believes that _______________ will save him. the witches predictions
In what manner does Macbeth finally meet his death? in a duel with Macduff
An “Infirmity” is ____________________. refers to disease usually of the mind
As he prepares for his final battle, Macbeth expresses his disappointment that old age will not bring him _______,_______,_______. and ________. 1. honor 3. 4. many friends
The play ends with the thanes acknowledging ________ as Scotland’s new and lawful king. Malcolm
In the play’s opening act Macbeth is constantly referred to as a brave soldier; in the final act he is referred to most often as a/an _______. tyrant
How does Macbeth react when he is told that his wife is dead? he is insensitive
Do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth exchange personalities as the play progresses. Explain. Yes, in the beginning Macbeth is honorable and Lady Macbeth is ruthless and plans a murder. As the play expresses Macbeth emerges as a cold blooded killer.
Who/ What is the ” newer comfort” of which Siward speaks? Malcom
In Scene 7 Macduff says that he cannot strike at ” wretched kerns”. Of whom is he speaking ? Macbeth’s hired soldiers
In his final speech Macolm refers to Macbeth as a/an ______ and he refers to Lady Macbeth as a/an ______. 1.butcher2. fiend
What evidence is there in Scene 8 that suggests that Macbeth does feel remorse for his actions? his conscience will not allow him to kill the man whose wife and children he slaughtered