Macbeth act two comprehension check

1. About what time is it at the beginning of this Act? After midnight
2. Why can’t Banquo sleep? He keeps having nightmares about the witches.
3. What did the King give Lady Macbeth? What kind of mood was the King in before he went to bed? A diamond. He was in an unusually great mood, and very content.
4. What lie does Macbeth tell Banquo? that he never thinks of the witches or their predictions
5. What does Macbeth “see”? a bloody dagger leading him to the king’s chamber
6. In his soliloquy, what lines indicate that Macbeth has been having nightmares? He says “wicked dreams abuse the curtain’d sleep”
7. What does the bell indicate? that the men have been drugged and they are now passed out in the king’s chamber; it is now time for Macbeth to kill the king
What does Lady Macbeth mean by “That which hath made them drunk hath made me bold” (line 1) She has been drinking as well, but it is making her “bold” and strong to do what she has to do.
2. Why does Lady say she couldn’t murder Duncan herself? He looked like her father.
3. What happened to spook Macbeth while he waited to kill Duncan? One of the men laughed, and another yelled “murder” they woke each other up, but fell asleep again.
4. What does Macbeth then think he hears? Why do you think he “hears” this? He thinks he hears a voice say “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep.” It is his guilty conscience getting to him.
5. What mistake does Macbeth make? He forgot to plant the daggers on the men.
6. How does Lady fix his mistake? She grabs the daggers and does it herself.
7. What evidence from the murder upsets Macbeth the most? All the blood everywhere.
8. Lady Macbeth says “A little water clears us of this deed, how easy is it then!” Is this true? How does this seem like an understatement? She assumes that if the blood is gone from their hands, there will be no evidence of the murder, and they will go on happily with their plan. She does not take into account the feelings associated with the deed. It is not easy to kill someone, and wash your hands of the entire thing, unless you are a psychopath.
9. What line reveals that Macbeth is now regretting what they have done? “Wake Duncan with thy knocking! I would thou couldst!”
1. This scene with the Porter provides some comic relief. Why is this scene important to the audience at this time? The audience has just witnessed Duncan’s murder, and all the anxiety and fear Macbeth is feeling. The audience needs a break from the blood and darkness.
2. What is ironic about his statement “but this place is too cold for hell”? Macbeth’s castle is turning into a hell, as Duncan is murdered, and Macbeth and Lady Macbeth could go to hell for their evil deeds.
3. According to the Porter, how is drink an “equivocator of lechery”? Alcohol makes people act rudely, boldly, and vulgarly. He talks about how alcohol makes men have the desire for sex, but also makes them unable to perform sexually.
4. Why is Macduff up so early? He has come to wake the king, upon his command.
5. Explain why Lennox said the night was “unruly.” (line 53) Lennox says that the earth shook, chimneys were blown down, screams of death were heard, and birds made noise all night long.
6. Who found Duncan’s body? Macduff
7. What does Macbeth confess to Macduff? What does he give as the reason he did it? He confesses that he killed the king’s men because he saw evidence that they had killed the king.
8. What is Lady Macbeth’s reaction to hearing this?Do you think her reaction is sincere? She faints; she could be faking, wanting to distract everyone from what her husband just said, or she could be really overwhelmed, as Macbeth acted against the plan, and she is truly disturbed by what he did.
9. What do Malcolm and Donalbain decide to do? Why? Malcolm goes to England; Donalbain to Ireland; They don’t trust the men around the king—and fear they are next to be murdered.
. What strange events have been happening? Ross and the old Man discuss how unnatural things have been happening”dark during the day, horses eating each other, hawk killed by a mousing owl, horses broke out of their stalls against their men
2. Who have become suspects in Duncan’s murder? Why? Malcolm and Donalbain, because they ran away so quickly after the murder.