Macbeth Act One

At the begining of the play we learn that scotland is at war with england. False.
The Witches promise that banquo’s children shall be kings. True.
Duncan has been a good king. True.
Macbeth tells no one of the witches’ prophecies. False.
Lady macbeth dominates her husband. True.
How are duncan and macbeth related? They are cousins.
What title does duncan decide to award macbeth? Witche 1 glamis, Witche 2 cawdor, Witche 3 you be king on day.
Who does duncan name as his successor? King.
What quality in her husband does lady macbeth see as a liability? She thinks he is too nice.
What are lady macbeth’s plans for duncan’s murder? Get the guards drunk , stab duncan and blame it on the guard.