Macbeth Act IV Vocabulary

thrice three times
conjure to summon or bring into being as if by supernatural means
potent powerful; highly effective
laudable worthy of praise
redress to set right, remedy or correct
hoodwink to mislead by a trick, deceive
avarice greediness
concord a state of agreement or harmony, peace
integrity honesty, high moral standards; an unimpaired condition, completeness, soundness
Lucifer leader of the rebellion of angels
motif A recurring theme, subject or idea
pernicious harmful or hurtful, destructive
pernicious (sentence) Placing poisonous mushrooms in his tea, Alma’s ___________________ action meant to hurt Reynolds, not kill him.
thrice (sentence) _____________-hired by the same company, Alvin knew his uncle was the only reason for his good fortune.
conjure (sentence) Casting spells over a cauldron, Hecate plans to ____________________ the dark spirits.
potent (sentence) The witch’s curse was _______________ and destroyed the lives of many, hurting physical and mental states.
laudable (sentence) Receiving many accolades, Rhonda felt like her achievements were definitely _____________________.
redress (sentence) Picking up the pieces of the broken vase, Rob attempted to __________________ the shattered piece of art.
hoodwink (sentence) Buying fake candles, Michael attempted to ____________________ the birthday girl.
avarice (sentence) Loading her apron with the household valuables, Mrs. Walker felt her ____________________ could be satiated if she could trade the items for gold.
concord (sentence) Settling on an agreed amount for alimony, the divorced couple finally reached a sense of ________________.
integrity (sentence) Maintaining her _____________________ as a student, Anna managed to put forth consistent effort throughout the term.
motif (sentence) Analyzing Thomas Putnam’s vindictive actions in The Crucible, the _________________ of revenge is clear.

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