Macbeth Act IV Quiz

What does the First Witch tell the witches to do in Scene 1, lines 4-9? throw the poisoned entrails into the cauldron
What was one thing the witches did not show Macbeth? a crying child
Macbeth most likely lists the destructive effects of the witches’ wind in Scene 1 in order to? acknowledge their power over human beings
Scene 1, lines 94-100 reveal that one aspect of Macbeth’s tragic flaw is? his overconfidence in himself
Why is Lady Macduff angry with her husband in Scene 2? his leaving throws suspicions on his loyalty
Reread Scene 2, lines 54-55 of this tragedy. What do you know that makes the son’s joke to his mother anexample of dramatic irony? Macbeth already sent men to kill the honest child
Reread Scene 2, lines 77-78 and the sidenote for line 77 of this drama. Which sentence best paraphrases LadyMacduff’s insult? The murderer is so bad that the only places that he can go are unholy ones
Why does Malcolm claim in Scene 3 that Scotland will suffer more troubles? he has too many faults
Why does Macduff says, “Oh, Scotland, Scotland?” he fears for his country’s future
King Edward’s special ability of healing disease through prayer shows that he? rules justly and well
Reread the sidenote for Scene 3, lines 210-211 in this drama. What does Malcolm want Macduff to do tokeep his heart from breaking? express his grief over his family openly
In Scene 3, lines 224-230, Macduff blames the deaths of his wife and children on his own sinfulness