Macbeth Act III test

what suspicions does banquo voice? what comment did he make to let us know what he suspects? “thous has played most fouly for it”that macbeth was the murderer
who besides banquo knows of the prophecies? Lady Macbeth
Why does macbeth question banquo about his plans? and what questions does he ask? Macbeth wanted to plot his murderDo you ride? How far do you ride? and Does Fleance go along?
in act 1 what suspicions does macbeth harbor? Bothered by banquos prophecy of his son becoming king
what does macbeth tell the murderers about banquo? that their lives suck and the main reason is because of Banquo
According to macbeth, why does he himself not kill banquo? they have the same friends and he does want to make them mad
who else are the murderers to kill besides banquo? fleance
what is the meaning of Lady Macbeth’s saying “Naught had, all’s spent/ Where our desire is got without content?” nothing gained and nothing was lost, she has everything she wanted and she is still not happy
in scene 2 what affliction does Macbeth suffer from? fear of duncan
in scene 2 lady Macbeth says “you must leave this” what does she mean Duncan needs to stop freaking out, whats done is done but it needs to stop
is lady macbeth aware that Macbeth has planned the death of Banquo and Fleance? she knows something is up but is not sure what it is
how is the planning of Banquo’s murder different from that of duncans Macbeth is in charge this time and seems more in control of himself and his emotions
who is murdered in scene 3 banquo
who escapes the murder in scene 3 fleance
what is banquo’s dying request to Fleance revenge
what activity opens scene 4 banquet scene/ supper
who joins the assembled group, sitting in Macbeths place? banquos ghost
how does lady macbeth explain Macbeth’s reaction? she says that he has been having these momentary fits since childhood
what is lady macbeths reaction to Macbeths claim of seeing banquos ghost? nonsense
to what other event in the play is this ghostly appearance similar? the dagger scene
why does lady macbeth ask everyone to leave? Macbeth is directly talking to the nobles about the ghost
who refused the banquet invitation? macduff
what is macbeths plan for the next day? go see witches, weird sisters/ wants to know his future
to what does macbeth attribute his condition? beginners fear, the more he does this the better it will get
what does hecate plan to do? make him so confident and so secure that he will make mistakes because he will not think of consequences which will lead to his death
what is implied in lennox’s speech at the opening of his scene? macbeth is the killer (sarcastic ironic tone)
where does macduff go? England
what does he hope to do? raise an army, bring malcolm back to get what is rightly his
what purpose does scene 4 serve? the beginning of the end for Macbeth, everyone knows he is guilty now
Macbeth thinks that his agitation and sleeplessness will lessen in time. Do you believe this will happen? No, he is way to much of an emotional person