Macbeth Act III abcdef

How does Macbeth try to persuade the murderers to kill Banquo? Why? He lies and tells them that Banquo was responsible for their ruination and downfall. He does this so they have a personal interest in killing Banquo and to try to get them to agree to kill Banquo. He also attacks their masculinity by calling them too gospeled. He says they are in it together.
Why is Macbeth having the dinner at his house? So he has an alibi and so he will know where Banquo will be at a certain time.
Why does Macbeth want to kill Banquo?Why does he want to kill Fleance? He wants to kill them both because he is paranoid. Macbeth thinks that Fleance will try to steal his throne when he gets older.
What can Banquo do when he is thinking bad thoughts? Banquo can police himself and resist bad thoughts.
How do we know that Banquo is suspicious of Macbeth? His first lines in Act III Scene I… He fears that Macbeth played foully to gain his position.
What mistake did the murderers make? They put out the light too soon, and this gave Fleance an opportunity to run away.
What are the three reasons Macbeth is mad at Macduff? Macduff: didn’t go to Macbeth’s coronation, didn’t go to the dinner, and didn’t go to Macbeth when Macbeth sent for him.
What did Lennox say when he was talking to the lords? He used sarcasm to say that he believed Macbeth murdered Duncan and Banquo and that Macbeth is a bad king.