Macbeth Act III

Verity POS: Noun Definition: Something that is true Sentence: He held the verity that yoga would help his soul to be at peace.
Rancor POS: Noun Definition: A feeling of deep bitterness or resentfulnessSentence: The rancor he felt for his enemy would never allow them to ever become friends.
Grapple POS: VerbDefinition: To engage in a close fight or struggle without weapons Sentence: After the rude comment was made, the two boys grappled until someone else finally broke up the fight.
Eminence POS: NounDefinition: A position of great distinction or superioritySentence: The surgeon received eminence from everyone for being a world-renowned neurosurgeon.
Assailable POS: AdjectiveDefinition: Able to be attacked, vulnerable Sentence: The small, assailable mouse did not even notice the vicious snake slithering towards it.
Disposition POS: NounDefinition: A recurring characteristic Sentence: My dog looks fierce, but has a very gentle disposition.
Contrive POS: VerbDefinition: To plot or scheme; To come up with (an idea, plan, explanation, theory, or priciple) after a mental effortSentence: They contrived how to get past the guards unnoticed.
Wrought POS: Verb Definition: To produce or shape by beating with a hammer, as iron or silver articles.Sentence: The statue was wrought from marble.
Malevolence POS: Noun Definition: Feeling of ill- willSentence: Voldemort’s malevolence is so powerful that just the sound of his name strikes fear into the hearts of anyone who hears his name.
Homage POS: Noun Definition: special honor or respect shown publiclySentence: On Veterans Day we pay homage to all of the brave soldiers that have fought for our country.