Macbeth, Act III

Why does it matter that Fleance escaped? The witches prophesied that Banquo would father kings, and Fleance is his son, so this is a threat to Macbeth.
Why does Macbeth not sit down at the banquet table? Banquo’s ghost is in his seat.
Banquo’s ghost is a manifestation of what? Macbeth’s guilt
How does Lady Macbeth express her lack of peace now that they have the throne? She says that they have spent everything and have no contentment in their position.
“We are but young in deed.” Macbeth’s expression that he and Lady Macbeth have just begun.
Lenox says that Scotland is “under a hand accursed.” What does he mean? Macbeth has usurped the throne and is ruling as an evil, unworthy king.
How has Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s relationship changed by Act III? Early in the play, Lady Macbeth was the ruthless one planning Duncan’s murder and telling Macbeth what to do. Now Macbeth is not even telling her about his plans to have Banquo and Fleance killed.
How does Lady Macbeth respond to Macbeth when he sees Banquo’s ghost? She again questions his manhood, shaming him to try to bring him back to his senses.
What does Banquo’s ghost sitting in Macbeth’s chair symbolize? Fulfillment of the witches’ prophecy
Pathetic fallacy reveals what in the play? overthrow of the natural order
Where has Macduff gone and why? England to raise an army to retake the throne
Macduff suspects whom of killing Duncan? Macbeth

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