Macbeth Act III

Banquos Soliloquy: Title: Foul PlayPurpose: Suspiciom”The Root”
“Thou Played’st most foully for’t” Banquo
“WE hear our bloody cousins are bestowed In England and in Ireland, not confessing their cruel parricide.” Macbeth
To be thus is nothing but to be safely thus.” Mac
“But that myself should be the root and father of many kings.” Banquo
and mine eternal jewel to the common enemy of man Macbeth sold his soul
put rancors in the vessel at my peace only for them Macbeth; going crazy
Come fate into the combat Macbeth
I will advise you to plant yourselves Macbeth
Naughts had, Alls spent where our desire is got without current Lady
Tis safer to be that which we destroy, than by destruction dwell in doubtful joy Lady M
let the frame of things disjoint Macbeth
cancel and tear to pieces that great bond that keeps me pale MAcbeth
Come seeling night, scarf up the tender eye of pitiful day and with thy bloody and invisble hand cancel and tear to pieces that great bond which keeps me pale. Macbeth
Thou Mayst Revenge Banquo
Thou canst say i did it Macbeth
Quite unmanned in folly Lady M
But now they rise again…and push us and push us from our stools Macbeth
I wish he were here MAcbeth
I am in blood/ stepped in so far that should wade no more/ REturning were as tedious as go o’er Macbeth would have to turn himself in
It will have blood, they say blood will have blood. Macbeth
Is the intiate fear that wants hard use Macbeth
How sayst thou Macduff denies his person at our great bidding night Macbeth
For now i am bent to know/by the worst means the worst m
“Strange things i have in bead that will to hand: M
for mine all good, all causes shall give way macbeth
I will tomorrow/ and betimes i will/ to the weird sisters Macbeth

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