Macbeth Act III

“Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown, and put a barren scepter in my gripe, Thence to be wrenched from an unlineal hand, No son of mine succeeding.” Macbeth:Means that he cannot have children( barren scepter, unlineal hand)
“Thou hast it now—King, Cawdor, Glamis, all, As the Weird Women promised, and, I fear, thou play’dst most foully for’t.” BanquoBanquo fears that Macbeth will pay dearly for what he has caused- suspects Macbeth
“So shall I, love; And so, I pray, be you: Let your remembrance 30 Apply to Banquo; present him eminence,* both with eye and tongue: Unsafe the while, that we 32 Must lave our honours in these flattering streams**, 33 And make our faces vizards*** to our hearts, Disguising what they are.” Macbeth- telling Lady Macbeth to talk kindly to Banquo at the Banquet.
Thanks for that: There the grown serpent lies; the worm that’s fled Hath nature that in time will venom breed, Macbeth says this after hearing that Banquo has been killed but Fleance has escaped. Macbeth sees Fleance as an antagonist because he fears what he could become.
I hear it by the way; but I will send: There’s not a one of them but in his houseI keep a servant fee’d. I will tomorrow, (And betimes I will) to the weird sisters. More shall they speak; for now I am bent to know, By the worst means, the worst. For mine own good, All causes shall give way: I am in blood Stepp’d in so far that, should I wade no more, Returning were as tedious as go o’er: Strange things I have in head, that will to hand; Which must be acted ere they may be scann’d. (III.iv.130-140) Macbeth- Shows his tragic flaw when he says :”For mine own good, / All causes shall give way.”Because Macbeth cannot help do things that are for his own good.
Banquo, Macbeth In Scene I, ____ suspects that ____ took part in the murder of King Duncan.
He is going riding. Why is Banquo unable to attend Macbeth’s banquet?
Fleance (Banquo’s son) Who accompanies Banquo on his ride?
three number of men that Macbeth hires to kill Banquo and Fleance
scorpions In Scene II, Macbeth says his mind is full of ____.
False (It is Macbeth’s idea, and he does not share it with her.) True or False: Lady Macbeth persuades Macbeth to kill Banquo and Fleance.
Banquo, Fleance In Scene III, the murderers kill ____, but ____ escapes.
Banquo’s ghost What appears at Macbeth’s party and causes him to go crazy?
in Macbeth’s place Where does the ghost of Banquo sit at Macbeth’s party?
Hecate name of the leader of the three witches
Lennox Who says in Scene VI that Macbeth seems suspicious?
tyrant Lennox calls Macbeth “a ____” in Scene IV.
Malcolm and Macduff Which two men begin forming an army to overthrow Macbeth?
Banquo has oppressed the mureders’ family What reason does Macbeth give the murderers to kill Banquo?
He and Banquo have friends in common who would be upset Macbeth explains to the hired murderers that they must keep his plan a secret because…
Duncan is dead and therefore free from the pain and the troubles of life. Why do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth say that they envy Duncan?
Banquo is the murdered to come back as a ghost Why does Macbeth say that Banquo’s death is different?