Macbeth Act III

What did Banquo fear concerning Macbeth’s new title? he played foully for it
What were Banquo’s afternoon plans? riding
Who will be riding with Banquo? His son, Fleance
Who are the two “bloody cousins” who are now “bestowed in England and Ireland”? 1. Malcolm2. Donaldbain
In the soliloquy in Scene 1, Macbeth said, “To be thus is nothing, but to be safely thus.” To what does “thus” refer? Being king
Who/what does Macbeth challenge in this scene? Fate
Macbeth fears Banquo because the witches hail him father to a line of _________ kings
Macbeth calls his crown “________________ and his scepter “________________” 1. Fruitless2. Barren
What 2 people visit Macbeth in Scene 2? 1. Murderer 12. Murderer 2
Macbeth convinces these men that _________________ is the cause of their problems. Banquo
Who does Macbeth want these two murderers to kill? 1. Banquo2. His son, Fleance
Who said, “Naught’s had, all’s spent, Where our desire is got without content.” Lady Macbeth
Macbeth is upset because: “We have ________ the snake, not killed it.” scotched
Give a synonym for scotched injured
Whom does Macbeth envy in Scene 2? Why Duncan. He envies Duncan because Duncan is dead and nothing can further harm him.
Lady Macbeth is afraid her husband’s looks will reveal his thoughts: she tells him to be” _____________ and ______________ among your guests tonight” 1. Bright2. Jovial
Macbeth says his mind is full of what? Scorpions
Give a synonym or short definition for “scorpions” (III ii 37) evil doings
Scene 2 provides evidence that the relationship between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth has changed. In what way has it changed? Macbeth has planned the murder of Banquo and Fleance, but he doesn’t tell her.
In Scene 3, what is different about the murderers? There are 3 of them
The third murderer said he was sent by whom? Macbeth
What evidence is there to suggest that the third murderer knows Banquo personally? He knows that Banquo always takes his horses around the outside wall
Who is murdered?/Who escapes? 1. Banquo2. Fleance
Whose ghost appears at Macbeth’s feast? Banquo
What prompted the ghost’s appearance? Macbeth said he wished Banquo were present
Why can’t Macbeth take his place at the banquet table? Banquo is in his chair
*Who makes excuses for Macbeth’s behavior?* Lady Macbeth
What excuse does Lady Macbeth make? He is afflicted with a strange illness (epilepsy)
How many gashes does Macbeth see in Banquo’s head? 20
Give an adjective to describe Lady Macbeth’s aside speeches to Macbeth in this scene. angry
Who dismisses the guests? Lady Macbeth
Who refused to attend Macbeth’s feast? Macduff
Who will Macbeth visit the following day? The witches
What instruction did Hecate give the witches regarding Macbeth? Give him false confidence
Who in scene 6 is suspicious of Macbeth? Lennox
Who was blamed for Banquo’s murder? Why? Fleance. Because Fleance fled
Where has Macduff gone?/Whom did he go there to see? 1. England2. Malcolm (king)
Who was the King of England at this time? Edward the Confessor