Macbeth Act III

Foil character One who has the traits or characteristics that another character lacks
“And I fear/ thou play’dst most foully for it. “ Speaker: BanquoMeaning: thinks Macbeth May have done something evil to fulfill his prophecy Significance: is suspicious of his friend
What does Macbeth question Banquo? Are you going anywhere tonight? Are you going far? Is fleance going with you?
“To be this is nothing, but to be safely thus.” Speaker: MacbethMeaning: to be king is nothing if he is not secure about his position Significance: the crown does not bring Macbeth peace of mind or security. He will have to take further measures.
What does the soliloquy reveal about macbeths feelings toward Banquo and his prophecies? Macbeth fears Banquo because he is noble daring and wise
“Upon my head they placed a fruitless crown/ and put a barren scepter in my gripe” Speaker: MacbethMeaning: his sons will not inherit the throneSignificance: provides more motivation for banquos murder
What are the motivations for banquos murder? 1. Banquo is suspicious2. Banquo did not accept the proposal3. Banquo will be the father of kings
What does Macbeth tell the hired assassins? That Banquo is the cause of their economic ruin.
What are the conditions for banquos murder? Must be done tonight, must take place away from the castle, and fleance must also be killed
“Naught’s had, all’s spent,/ where our desire is got without our content. “ Speaker: lady MacbethMeaning: the desire to be king and queen is nothing unless they’re contentSignificance: lady Macbeth lacks peace of mind
“o, full of scorpions is my mind,dear wife. “ Speaker: MacbethMeaning: Macbeth is thinking of evil and deadly deeds Significance: lady Macbeth thinks he is remorseful about Duncan’s murder, but he is planning the murder of Banquo
“Be innocent of the knowledge, dearest chuck,/ till thou applaud the deed. “ Speaker: MacbethMeaning: Macbeth does not want his wife to know his plansSignificance: their relationship is falling apart; he thinks she will respect his bravery for taking action
What is the climax? The murder of Banquo
What is the turning point? The escape of fleance
What does lady Macbeth blame macbeths craziness on? A childhood illness
What is evidence of macbeths moral degradation? He has spies and he plans to seek the witches for more information.
“We are yet but young in deed. “ Speaker: Macbeth Meaning: Macbeth feels they are novices in evil; they’ll get used to it. Significance: he tries to rationalize the appearance of the ghost
What happens when Macbeth decides to seek the witches on his own? He puts his fate in the witches hands.
Why is Hecate upset? She has not been included in the evil activity and she wants credit
How do the witches create a false sense of security for Macbeth? Spurn fate, scorn death, and bear false hope
“He has borne all things well” Speaker: Lennox Meaning: things have gone well for Macbeth Significance: Lennox is suspicious