Macbeth Act II Tami

At what time do the events of Act II take place? A dark night. I think it’s past midnight, but I’m not entirely sure.
What poetic description does Banquo give of the night? He says that all the candles are out in heaven, meaning that the stars are being covered up by the clouds.
Why is the time in harmony with the dead? So, I think that this is a typo and it’s supposed to say “deed” (as in killin’ the King) instead of “dead”It’s in harmony with the deed because it’s dark, cloudy, and creepy and uuuuhhhh killing someone is pretty creepy and dark so yeah.
Why does Banquo take this time to give the diamond? He is worried about Macbeth and the effects of the Weïrd Sisters prophecy on him and he thinks the diamond may distract him from it.
How does Banquo react against temptation as compared to Macbeth’s reaction? He tries to do his best to go against his temptations.
What dream did Banquo have? He dreams of the Sisters and their creepy predictions.
What was Macbeth’s reply to the dream? He tells Banquo that he pretty much just ignores it.
What proposition did Macbeth make to Banquo? To just not talk about the Witches until later.
What is Macbeth state of mind after he is left alone? Unstable. He is freaked out and worried, so much so that he envisions daggers covered in blood.
Who rang the bell? Lady Macbeth.
Explain this line: “The attempt, and not the deed, confounds us.” The fact that you tried makes you bad. Just because you didn’t actually do the bad thing, you tried to so you still suck.
Why didn’t Lady Macbeth kill the king? He reminds her of her dad.
Why did Macbeth bring the daggers back to Lady Macbeth? He can’t bring himself to put them back himself.
Why did the grooms not awaken? They’re passed out from being drugged and drinking too much.
How does Lady Macbeth taunt Macbeth when he refuses to return the daggers? She basically says “you think your worthy of being Thane but you can’t deal with this? You overthink too much and it’s turning you into a wuss.”
Who returns the daggers? Lady Macbeth.
When Lady Macbeth returns, what does she say to infuse courage into Macbeth? She tells him that a little water will was away all of the blood and guilt.
Do you think Macbeth’s last words in the scene are sincere? This is kinda an opinion but
What is the porter pretending in this scene? That he’s drunk??
What is the dramatic purpose for the Porter Scene? Comic relief. There is a lot of tension goin’ on right now so my boy Shakespear is trying to lighten the mood.
Who enters now? Macduff and Lenox
What is the condition of the porter? He’s hella hungover.
What is the dramatic significance of the storm? It goes along with what’s happening within the plot. Wild stuff in the story = wild stuff in the weather.
What is Macbeth’s mental and emotional condition on his entrance? Here, he seems to have mixed emotions because he’s excited and happy about being king but he’s also riddled with guilt.
Why did Macbeth kill the grooms? To pretend to be avenging the kings death and getting rid of witnesses
What do Malcolm and Donalbain do upon the hearing of their father’s death? They get scared that thy could be killed too so they flee.
Whom does Macduff charge with the murder of the king? The grooms
Do you think he actually believes that they did it? This is another opinion question but
What does he mean by “Lest our old robes sit easier than our new”? He is apprehensive of the future of Scotland with Macbeth as king.(old robes=old king new robes=Macbeth)
How much of Macbeth’s prophecy has been fulfilled? All of it
Has he waited for “Chance to crown him” No (?)

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