Macbeth Act II Scene 3

What is the purpose of introducing the porter scene? A break from the tension of the previous scene…comic relief heightens the effect of the blood and horror to come in the play.
Who enters next? Macduff… along with Lennox.
What is the condition of the porter? Hangover…but still has his wits.
What is the significance of the storm? Nature is disordered … nature responds to unnatural acts inside the castle (the killing of the King..regicide).
What is the mental and emotional condition of Macbeth upon his entrance? Mixed emotions… “joyful trouble”… promise of pleasure (realization of dream to be king) and pain (suffer torment and guilt for terrible crime he has committed).
What is the effect of the news of Duncan’s murder on Macduff? He is frantic…hysterical.
What is the effect on Banquo? He says this deed is too cruel for any place.
What is the effect on Malcolm and Donalbain? Fears for their own lives… trust no one. Malcolm to England… Donalbain to Ireland.
Why does Macbeth kill the grooms? Pretense of revenging Duncan’s murder and showing patriotism…actually fear of witness, disposing of possible witness.
Was this a wise or foolish decision? Foolish… eventually led suspicions back to himself… first decision with the advice and planning with Lady Macbeth.