Macbeth: Act II

What time is it at the beginning of Act II? A little past midnight
What is the sky like at the beginning of Act II and what does it mean? It is pitch black, which symbolizes evil
Sleep refers to which motif? The first motif
What is a foil? A character who is the exact opposite of another character
“If you shall cleave to my consent, when tis, it shall make honour for you” who, to who, and meaning? macbeth to banquo, meaning if banquo goes along with macbeth, banquo will benefit from it
“So I lose none in seeking to augment it, but still keep my bosom franchised and allegiance clear, i shall be counsell’d” who, to who, and meaning? banquo to macbeth, meaning banquo will go along with macbeth, as long as banquo does not lose his honor or go against the king
When is Lady Macbeth told to ring the bell? When Macbeth’s drink is ready
What does the ringing of the bell really mean? That Lady Macbeth has successfully gotten the guards drunk
What is a soliloquy? Something a character performs to reveal his/her inner most thoughts
During Macbeth’s soliloquy, what does he see in his hallucination? A dagger
What is confusing about Macbeth’s hallucination? He somewhat realizes that he is hallucinating, but what he sees seems so real
Where is the dagger pointing? Towards Duncan’s chambers
What starts happening to the dagger right before Macbeth’s eyes? It starts dripping blood
Why does Macbeth refer to the murder as “bloody business”? Because Macbeth is incapable of calling himself a murderer, because he knows that murderers are the lowest of the low.
“Now o’er the one half-world nature seems dead” means what? Usually half of the world is light and half is dark, meaning the world is half evil all the time. the way Macbeth sees the world right now, the entire world is evil.
“The bell invites me” is what literary device? Personification
What is a knell? A bell indicating a funeral
What is happening at the beginning of scene II? Lady Macbeth is drunk
How is Lady Macbeth feeling at the beginning of scene II? Nervous
What did Lady Macbeth do to the guards without Macbeth knowing? She drugged their drinks
“Had he not resembled my father as he slept, i had done’t” who, to who, and meaning? Lady Macbeth to Macbeth, meaning Lady Macbeth felt that she could not kill Duncan because he resembled her father as he slept. She is lying to macbeth so she does not seem weak
What does macbeth say to Lady macbeth to indicate that he killed Duncan? “I have done the deed”
What do one word answers show? Nervousness and tension
What is weird about the situation dealing with Malcolm and Donalbain right after the murder? Macbeth thinks he heard Malcolm and Donalbain saying things right after he killed their father like, “God bless us!” and “Amen!” but they did not say anything because they were asleep
Why was Macbeth unable to say “Amen”? Because Macbeth knows his relationship with God is over
Why is it at the time a huge deal that Macbeth thinks he will not be able to sleep anymore? Because Macbeth thinks that sleep is the death of each day’s life, so he will not be able to “sleep off” what he has done
“Macbeth shall sleep no more!” Who, to who, and meaning? Macbeth to Lady Macbeth, meaning that he cannot sleep off what he has done