MacBeth Act II

Banquo indicates is scene 1 that his greatest priority is His allegiance to Duncan
As Lady Macbeth awaits Macbeth at the beginning of scene 2, she is feeling Jumpy and superstitious
The voice that calls out “Sleep no more! Macbeth does murder sleep” is saying that Macbeth will never again rest with a clear conscience
What does Macbeth suggest was the reason he could not join in the prayer of Malcolm and Donalbain that he overheard He was overcome with guilt and horror
Macbeth refuses to return to leave the daggers with the servants because he Cannot bear to look at what he has done
The drunken porter scene serves all of the following functions EXCEPT to Introduce new information about Duncan’s murder
Macbeth murders the Kings servants so that they cannot Claim they were framed
Malcolm and Dobalbain flee from Inverness because they Fear for their safety
In scene 1, Macbeth is clearly lying to Banquo when he says that he Never thinks about the witches
In his scene 1 soliloquy, Macbeth addresses his thoughts to all of the following except God
Which statement best characterizes the reactions of Macbeth and Lady Macbeth right after Duncan’s murder? He is too horrified to act; she is concerned with practical matters
When Malcolm and Donalbain disappear from Inverness, people assume They were involved in Duncan’s death