Macbeth act II

In the beginning of Act II, scene I, why has Banquo had trouble sleeping? He has trouble sleeping because he keeps thinking of Macbeth and his reading from the witches.
Macbeth asks Banquo to ally himself to Macbeth. What is Banquo’s response? His honor is too important to him, he will do as much as needed without hurting his honor.
What does Macbeth see in his hallucination? How does it change? Why does it appear? He sees a dagger in his hallucination. It changes into a bloody dagger and he just assumes that the blood is Duncan’s. It appears to show human conflict, he is feeling guilty about the thought of killing Duncan so he is hallucinating things.
Why couldn’t Lady Macbeth kill the sleeping Duncan? Duncan resembled her father.
Why couldn’t Macbeth “pronounce Amen”? Because he is so guilty and he has committed a mortal sin, he was not able to say Amen because it stuck in his throat.
Why has Macbeth “murdered sleep”? because he is so guilty of murder that he won’t be able to see a restful night of sleep because he will always see Duncan dying in his nightmares.
Explain the irony in the following line: “My hands are of your color, but I shame/ To where a heart so white.” The irony in this because the color white usually resembles something pure and clean. Neither Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are pure after what they just did.
What is the purpose of the porter scene? The purpose of this scene is a comic relief to break the tension after the death of Duncan.
What is Macduff’s appointed service to the king? He is supposed to wake him up.
Name three events in nature that reflect the interruption of nature’s strict order? Pathetic fallacy- nature reflecting the deeds of man. Obscure bird was out hunting all night long, the winds are so strong that the chimneys are blowing over, earthquakes.
Why does Macbeth say he killed the chamberlains? What is his real reason? He was so enraged by the fact that Duncan had died that he needed to get his rage out that minute. He really just needed to make sure that they couldn’t testify against them.
What does Lady Macbeth faint? She faints for affect, and to draw attention away from Macbeth and to tell Macbeth in a secret way.
Where are Malcolm and Donalbain going? Why? They think they will probably be the next on target. As long as they are separated they will be safer. Malcolm is going to England Donalbain is going to Ireland.
Hecate The Greek Goddess of witchcraft
Beelzebub The devil
possets Warm bedtime drinks
equivocation to use terms that have two or more meanings to mislead purposely or deceive
Gorgon Like how Medusa was
minion favorite
sirrah a term used to address male servants, inferiors, and sometimes children
Scone The ancient coronation place for the kings of Scotland
Colmekill Place where scottish kings were buried,Ionia island
Fife Country in Eastern Scotland, Macduff is the Thane of Fife
Explain the clothing image in the following line: “Well, may you see things well done, adieu,/ Lest our old robes sit easier than our new.” Old robes is Duncan’s and they are more confortable as a king and Macbeth is the new robes and you dont know what to expect from him.