Macbeth act five parody

Doctor – She seems to be alright. She seems disturbed, but I don’t see anything to be wrong with the Lady. Gentlewoman – I am extremely worried for her. Ever since she took over the throne, she has been like this. It might be because of Macbeth.
Doctor – May I speak with the gentlewoman privately Lady Macbeth. Lady Macbeth exits Doctor – Madam, might I ask, what wrong has the Queen done? Gentlewoman – I do not know any more than you do doctor, I am as lost in her words as you are.
Doctor – Just be careful, I am sure you have heard of zombies? Zombies doctor??
Doctor – One who mentally cannot remove the blood of the one they have killed before they die, do not truly die, they become flesh eating beings, called zombies. The last of them were eradicated in the 60’s, and it has since become hidden from the public. I hope you ensure it remains hidden in all ways. Very well we shall be leaving now
Lady Macbeth stumbles back in Lady Macbeth – I killed the family of Banquo! I killed him, and I killed all of them! I did it! I tell you it was me! Lady Macbeth begins to violently cough, and falls on the ground Doctor – Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. I believe she’s turning into a zombie. Gentlewoman – Are you sure? she’s probably just dead. (kicks the body of Lady Macbeth) See.
Doctor – If you say so. Lady Macbeth rises as a zombie and makes zombie noise Doctor – See. I told you. I was right, people can become zombies. Where’s my phone? I gotta sc this Can i get a selfiePrepares for selfie gets bitten by lady macbeth
The rebels from Scotland walk to the English army. They discuss Macbeth and Lady Macbeth.Soldiers hide behind a plant in Birnam wood. They also use blood as disguise from the zombies.Menteith- I believe the English army is close. They are led by Malcolm, Siward, and Macduff. Though they’re all out for revenge because Macbeth killed their families and Malcolm wants his rightful throne back.Angus – Yeah they texted me to meet them at Birnam Wood. According to apple maps, they should be right over there. Caithness – Are you kidding me? Apple maps really? Do you want to end up in the North Pole? Google maps told me that they are clearly over there, not there (Point)
Angus – You can’t blame me. Google maps is not on the iphone yet. Shakes head .Just follow me
Menteith – Anyone know what Macbeth is doing? Caithness – He tweeted that he’s fortifying his compound right now. So, everyone thinks he’s insane, which he is, but people still follow him.
Angus – Of course they will follow him. He puts fear into them. As well, anyone will follow someone with money and power. Take me as an example. Oh plzzz u only have 400 followers on twitter
Macbeth – But how? I killed you! Oh no… How could I be so blind… Enter Siward, Malcolm, and RossMalcolm – My god! Macduff what are you doing… Oh this is gruesome. (Malcolm takes out his phone and snaps a picture). Hey do you think this pic will get flagged on instagram? Siward – What do you think. It’s a man, eating another man, with blood and guts all over the place!
Malcolm: so is that a no Whatever.
Ross – Enough of your chat. We should be celebrating. Macbeth is finally dead and order has been restored to the land. Malcolm – Well if by order, you mean flesh eating zombies in at least 7 different countries, yeah I would say order has been restored.Ross – Well at least Macbeth is dead. And if you remember, this whole outbreak started because of him and his wife.Siward – That doesn’t really mean much when there are about a million other zombies that we have to take care of Siward – That doesn’t really mean much when there are about a million other zombies that we have to take care ofGets bitten by macduff
Macduff bites siward Siward – Oh the irony. Goodbye my friends, and see you in the next life

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