Macbeth Act 5 Study Guide Questions

Why has the doctor been called to Dunsinane? The doctor observed Lady Macbeth because she had been sleepwalking
What motion does Lady Macbeth make continuously? Repeats the “washing hands” motion.
What is the doctor’s evaluation/ prognosis of Lady Macbeth’s problem? The doctor concludes that Lady Macbeth is sleepwalking & is confessing her sins.
Who are Menteith, Caithness, & Agnes? Are they on Macbeth’s side? They are noble men fighting against Macbeth.
Why is it significant that Macbeth is now referred to as a tyrant? First was loved and now is hated and feared by everyone.
What does the clothing imagery mean? Macbeth realizes his role & responsibilities are too much for him to fill.
What reports does the servant bring Macbeth? (Or try to bring him?) Servant tries to warn Macbeth about the approaching soldiers under Siward.
Why does Macbeth make light of the servant’s reports? Because he had faith in the witches prophecies.
Will Macbeth be happy as long as he holds on to this tile? Yes.
What does the doctor wish? That he is far away from Dunisnane?
Why does Malcolm tell the soldiers to cut boughs from the trees in Birnam Wood? Malcolm says this in order for them to hide the size of their army that will attack Macbeth.
What happens at the beginning of this scene? (Scene 5) Lady Macbeth dies from her sins.
How does Macbeth react? Calmly to the death of this wife.
Paraphrase Macbeth’s soliloquy following the announcement he receives. He is determined to kill the king.
What message is delivered to Macbeth? That Birnam Wood is rapidly approaching the castle.
What are the attitudes of Siward & Macduff as they prepare to fight? Siward & Macduff are confident & will fight until the end.
Why is Macbeth unafraid of Young Siward? Because of the witches’ prophecies.
What spurs Macduff on w/ such determination? Revenge.
Explain the line “of all men else I have avoided thee!” -Macbeth This means that Macbeth’s the only man he avoided because he has already killed his whole family.
What surprise does Macbeth learn from Macduff? Macduff was delivered by C-section “he is not born from a woman”
Does Macbeth give up when he realizes he has been tricked by the witches? No.
What “prize” does Macduff bring to Malcolm? Macbeth’s head.
Who will now be king of Scotland? Malcolm