Macbeth Act 5: Scenes 6-8

Why does Macbeth grow more confident when he easily kills Young Siward? because another apparition’s prophecy is still holding true
Explain why everyone here is only looking for Macbeth. Why aren’t they concerned about fighting his men? Everyone is only looking for Macbeth and not concerned about fighting the other men because they know that the men fighting alongside Macbeth are only fighting him to get their pay, not because they are loyal to Macbeth. Macbeth’s soldiers also did not murder people; only Macbeth did that.
Why has Macbeth been avoiding Macduff? because the apparitions told him to watch out for Macduff
How does Macduff defy the apparition that Macbeth was still holding on to for security? He reveals that he was delivered by cesarean section, so his mother didn’t actually have to birth him in the traditional sense.
To whom is Macbeth referring when he says this:”And be these juggling fiends no more believ’d,That palter with us in a double sense;That keep the word of promise to our ear,And break it to our hope!” The witches
Why does Siward ask if Young Siward’s wounds were on the front of him?”Had he his hurts before?” It meant he had received them while fighting rather than running away.
A foil character is a character whose actions contrast another character’s in order to highlight specific qualities. Choose a character that is a foil character for Macbeth and give three ways in which he is a foil.Your response should include a topic sentence, three supports, and a concluding sentence. Malcom is a worthy foil character for Macbeth as the account unfolds. Malcom challenges Macbeth by saying there would be a reckoning. Also, he invites the people to join him in this confrontation of Macbeth. Finally, he predicts that he not Malcom will be the one crown’ d at Scone.