Macbeth Act 5

What is Lady Macbeth doing when Act 5 begins? sleepwalking
Who witnesses Lady Macbeth sleepwalking? attendant (gentlewoman, and a doctor
What does Lady Macbeth appear to be doing as she is sleepwalking? washing blood off her hands
What is the doctor concerned about when he sees Lady Macbeth sleep walking? harming herself or suicide
What does the attendant (gentlewoman) say when the doctor asked her what Lady Macbeth says while she is sleepwalking? the attendant (gentlewoman) can’t tell the doctor because it would be her word against the queen’s and it might be perceived as treason
What does Lady Macbeth walk out with while she is sleepwalking? a candle
Why does Lady Macbeth carry a candle with her everywhere? she is now afraid of the dark
How have Macbeth and Lady Macbeth switched personalities? Macbeth is getting more jaded, confident with murder. Lady Macbeth is starting to feel a lot more guilt.
What events does Lady Macbeth talk about while she is sleepwalking? her bloody hands, Macduff’s family, Macbeth seeing Banquo’s ghost, Duncan’s murder
What does the doctor say Lady Macbeth needs to help her sleepwalking? she needs to confess to a priest
Who are the Scottish rebels that are waiting for Malcolm, Macduff and the English troops to fight against Macbeth? Menteith, Caithness, Angus, and Lennox
Who say that the Scottish rebels should meet the English troops at Birnam Wood? Angus
Where does Angus say that the Scottish rebels should meet the English troops? Birnam Wood
Who asks if Donalbain is coming back to fight Macbeth? Caithness
Why does Caithness as about Donalbain? he wants to know if Donalbain is coming back with the English troops to fight Macbeth
Does Donalbain come back to Scotland to fight Macbeth? no, he stays in England to hide out
What does Caithness compare Macbeth to? a man so swollen with disease that he cannot buckle his belt
Who compares Macbeth to a man so swollen with disease that he cannot buckle his belt? Caithness
What does Caithness mean when he compares Macbeth to a man so swollen with disease that he cannot buckle his belt? Macbeth cannot control his evil actions
Who compares Malcolm to a flower that needs the blood of patriots to water it and drown weeds like Macbeth? Lennox
What does Lennox compare Malcolm to? a flower that needs the blood of patriots to water it and drown weeds like Macbeth
What does Lennox compare Macbeth to? a weed
Why does Macbeth not want to loose his faith? because he has the witches’ predictions
Why does Macbeth go off on the servant? the servant is scared, Macbeth doesn’t want his faith undermined
What does Macbeth compare his life to? a withered leaf
What does Macbeth mean when he compares his life to a withered leaf? he can’t look forward to old age
What good things does Macbeth say that comes with old age? love, obedience friends
What does Macbeth say he will have in stead of looking forward to old age? curses, people may flatter him but they will talk bad about Macbeth, they say he’s a tyrant
What does Macbeth tell Seyton to do? to put on Macbeth’s armor, gather up more troops and hang anyone that gets scared
Who stays to fight with Macbeth and why? only the weak men, they are forced to and have no choice
What does Macduff warn against before battling Macbeth? overconfidence
How does Birnam Wood literally come to Dunsinain? every soldier from England will hold a branch from a tree in Birnam Wood so that Macbeth can’t see how many of the Scottish people were against him
What does Macbeth hangout side of the castle to signify that they are staying inside to fight? Banners
What do the banners on the outside of the castle signify? they are staying inside to fight
Why did they need to stay in the castle to fight Malcolm his troops? they were outnumbered
Why doesn’t Macbeth get scared when he hears a woman’s shriek? he is immune to murder
Why does Macbeth wish his wife had died later? he would have had time to mourn her properly
What is Macbeth talking about when he says “out out brief candle”? life
What does Macbeth compare life to? an actor that stays on stage for a short while then no one sees him/her again
What does Macbeth do when he hears that Birnam Wood is coming to Dunsinain? he decides that he will go confront the enemy instead of staying in the castle, he decides to face his death
What does Macbeth compare himself to? a bear tied to a post
What does Macbeth mean when he compares himself to a bear tied to a post? he references a sport of bear baiting, in which a bear was tied to a stake and attacked by dogs
Who does Macbeth kill first in the battle? Young Siward
Why does Macduff enter the castle alone? he wants to avenge the family murder, only wants to kill Macbeth
Why does Macbeth refuse suicide? in style of a defeated roman general
Why does Macbeth want to fight Macduff? because he feels guilty about Macduff’s family
How was Macduff not born of a woman? he was born from a c section, not born of a woman in the typical way
What does Macduff say when Macbeth says he’ll surrender? Macduff scornfully tells Macbeth to surrender so that he can become a public spectacle. Macbeth’s picture will be hung on a pole as if he were part of a circus sideshow
How does Macbeth become a tragic hero? he realizes that he is doomed
How kills Macbeth? Macduff
Who tells Old Siward that his son is dead? Ross
Why does Old Siward not mourn his son further? his death bell has already rung: his wounds were in the front, meaning he stayed and fought and didn’t run away
What is the kingdom’s pearl? Malcolm
What does Malcolm promise as he becomes king? he will quickly reward his nobles for the devotion they have shown. he will give the thanes new titles as earls. he will welcome back anyone who fled the country in exile because of Macbeth’s tyranny. he invites everyone for his coronation
How did the queen die? she killed herself