Macbeth act 5

scene 1 a doctor and gentlewoman talk about lady macbeths bizarre behavior
what does the gentlewoman tell the doctor lady macbeth has been sleepwalking
how has lady macbeth been acting weird 1. rubbing her hands2. writing, sealing, rewriting a letter3. babbling about blood (recreating scene)
what is the significance of lady macbeth writing the letter in ct 1, she wrote the letter to macbeth about killing duncan
what does this behavior reveal about lady macbeth she has a guilty conscience
what type of irony is used when the audience knows why lady macbeth is doing these things dramatic irony
what does the doctor tell the getnlewoman “this disease is beyond my practice” – only god can help her, she can only be helped if she wants it
what does the doctors quotes allude to something bad is going to happen
scene 2 malcolms army, made of english forces, is headed toward scotland (very close to birnam woods)
scene 3 macbeth learns of the soldiers headed to scotland and the doctor tells him about lady macbeths mental state
what is macbeths reaction to the 10,000 headed his way hes cocky, doesnyt believe anything will happen to him, but soldiers go anyway to prepare
what does the doctor tell macbeth his wife has a disease of the mind, theres nothing he can do about it
how does macbeth react he pleads with him (even though macbeth right now is cocky and ruthless), to fix her, cares so much about her becomes devestated (ironic)
why is macbeth so remorseful its his fault lady macbeth is going insane
what does macbath say regarding the soldiers “I will not be afraid of death and bone till birnam forest come to dunsinane”
scene 4 malcolm and army prepare to go to scotland, disguise themselves as trees
scene 5 lady macbeth kills herself
“a cry within” ends up being what lady macbeth hung herself
macbeths gives his most famous quote on page 428 “tomorrow…” what does it reveal about his view now -nihilistic view-he has nothing to live for (dangerous)-life is like a candle-life is short-we are pkayers on a stage
at the end of the scen, a messenger tells macbeth what birnam woods ahve moved
scene 6 malcolm tells his army to go full force
scene 7 macbeth kills young siward
whos the first casualty young siward
what is macbeths reaction to young siwards death “thou must be born of woman”
macduff enters and calls macbeth what a coward
who else called amcbeth a coward lady macbeth, it makes macbeth take action
scene 8 macduff and macbeth confront each other, macbeth finds out macduff was a c-section
what is said about macduff “out of his mothers wob untimely ripped”
what is macbeths reaction hes scared to fight him now, until macduff calls him a coward
what happens at the end of scene 8 macbeth is killed
scene 9 the next king is crowned
who is crowned king malcolm